Who should an honest, upstanding Democrat vote for????

Background information:

According to Obama supporters, if you vote for Hillary, you are racist.
According to Hillary supporters, if you cast your vote for Obama, you are sexist.
If you vote for McCain, then you are betraying your party.


Who should an upstanding democrat who is neither racist…

Hillary Clinton.

Race has nothing to do with it.

The Obama people refuse to recognize that Obama is not fit to be the President of the United States of America.

Rather than admit the shortcomings of Obama, his handlers are insulting the rest of us by planting this ridiculous fairy tale that anyone who votes against Obama is racist.

However most of the people who oppose Obama would support Colin Powell for the Presidency of the United States of America.

(The last time that I checked Colin Powell is black)

The reason is that Colin Powell is qualified and has the ability to be a good competent President of the United States of America.

The Obama people assume incorrectly that since the Republicans saddled us with an incompetent President (Geroge Bush) that we should be willing to suffer with another incompetent President (Barack Obama).

With respect to Hillary Clinton, when Bill Clinton was President, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton created the best economy that we have had in the history of this nation.

Hillary Clinton will do it again if we will elect her President of the United States of America.

If the Party bosses of the Democratic Party are determined to give the nomination to Obama in 2008, then the wisest course of action for people who care about the United States of America is to vote for and elect McCain in 2008 so Hillary Clinton can run and win in 2012!!!

You asked so… this election I will NOT be voting for someone, I WILL BE VOTING against others. I really don’t like ANY of the candidates at all. Neither democrate or republican.

I don’t like Obama for A LOT of reasons. Put all the garbage stuff aside. He is an AMAZING speaker and does inspire so many BUT I don’t really hear him saying anything. (*Also, even if the Rev. Wright stuff is garbage, there is A LOT wrong with what he said and did about that situation. #1 He said that he never heard Rev. Wright say any of those things. Seriously? We’re supposed to believe that? 20 years in the church and he didn’t know? If that is even remotely the truth then that means the man is blind to what is right in front of him. Do we really want someone so blind as President? (*I won’t get into other stuff- but there is A LOT!)

Hillary – She has shown me that she can take a punch and get back up fighting. I am very surprised and honestly impressed. Think about any time the media dare question Obama. He throws a fit and starts crying. He has Michelle go around speaking but if someone calls her on what she is saying they are wrong? And this is the guy who is going to go talk to the terrorists? Opps, back to Hillary. The difference between the two is at least when she speaks, she has real answers. Not just hope and ‘change’ without telling us what and how. “When my administration takes office…” she says then goes on to describe a plan. Problem is, I think her policies are totally wrong. Too much to get into…

McCain – Once again, not someone I can back in any way. Again I don’t agree with his policies and he cries more than Obama. He talks about how wrong the Republicans are to attack the Democrats then attacks his own party DOING WHAT HE JUST SAID WAS WRONG.

Lord help us all…

I will be voting but it will not be for someone, it will be against the others. Who will that be…? Hmmmm.

I’m a democrat who supports Hillary. I don’t necessarily think that the majority of Obama supporters are sexist, but I do think that a faily large number of them are naive, easily swayed by eloquent rhetoric (i.e., Obama’s), and are not particularly good judges of character (thus, their continued devotion to Obama). I do think that the mainstream media holds some responsibility for sexism in this campaign. That is not to say that some Obama supporters aren’t sexist and want the women to “give up and admit defeat.” The media continuously attempts to push Hillary out of the way to make room for the golden child, Obama. Many of those who support Obama do accuse Hillary supporters of racism. They never take into account that there are other issues involved: Obama is considered too liberal by many democrats and many just don’t trust him and think he has poor judgment. I’m sure that if he is the democratic nominee and loses to McCain in November, they will continue to chant their victim mantra. . .it’s all because of racism. Pathetic. Many of those who blow the “traitor” horn when a fellow democrat says he or she will vote for McCain are themselves often too narrow-minded to see beyond party lines. They’re more concerned about getting a democrat into office than they are about the good of the country. I will not blindly follow my party if it chooses to nominate one of the worst Presidential candidates in recent history–Obama. His foolishness and naivete in the arena of foreign policy is inexcusable. He arrogantly tells Americans (in a recent speech) that they can’t keep their houses as cool as they’d like and that they must change their lifestyles. He’s a damned hypocrite, he’s the one that’s shooting around the country in a jet. I’m not sure I could just stay home and not vote at all. McCain’s positions on certain issues are closer to those of moderate democrats than Obama’s positions are. If the choice in November is Obama or McCain, I will gladly vote McCain. Country first, party second.

Hillary is the only one worth my vote.
Shes honest and she knows our nation is in trouble.. and she is the only one with the knowledge and experience to pull us out of this and make things better. I worry about what will happen if Obama or McCain get into office.. Obama seems to be only talk.. and McCain is trouble.. he will keep us in a war and our economy will get worse. PLEASE PEOPLE USE YOUR HEADS!

Is there such a thing as an honest upstanding Democrat? examples? Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Murtha, Byrd, Kennedy, yuckkkkkkk!

I follow the Molly Ivins rule: Vote your heart in the primary and your head in the general.

The worst that can happen is you help keep the race alive, and I think the desire to kill it is ill-advised. We make a religion of “closure” in this country, and that boils down, all to frequently, into a belief that anyone who ever loses is unqualified to hold their own views thereafter. That way lies ruin for the country and brainlessness for individuals.

And I defy anyone to call me a sexist for backing Senator Obama. I am represented by women on the county board, in the state House and Senate, and in both houses of Congress, and I have supported all of them consistently.

You don’t really need to worry about it anymore, because the nominee decision has essentially been made.

So, consider that McCain will largely continue the Bush legacy for another four years, at least. I hope you’ll do the right thing and vote for the Democrat. Anything but for the Republican.

Wow…let’s see how to answer this……the right wing talk show bozos have SAID that Obama supporters think Clinton is a racist, and they’ve SAID that Clinton has said that Obama is a sexist. In real life neither of them said anything like that. Here we have another example of the reactionary right putt-putting around in their little toy swift-boats tossing their BS over the side as they drift down river. Instead of telling us why it would be to our advantage to return the Republicans to Washington and telling us why old man McCain is a good choice, all they can do is smear and avoid the issues. How pitiful…..no kiddin’!

This question is a great perversion of logic. The RNC should spend less time sending their operatives to make asinine questions on Yahoo answers and more time finding a VP candidate because that will be the single biggest factor in the upcoming election. People are worried about McCain’s health/age and do not want 4 more years of Bush. To be clear I do not think that McCain represents 4 more years of bush but I most likely will not be able to say the same about his VP.

Barack Obama is inching ever closer to locking up the Democratic presidential nomination despite another resounding loss to Hillary Rodham Clinton, this time in Kentucky.

Clinton beat Obama by 35 percentage points in Kentucky, after trouncing him by 41 percentage points in West Virginia last week, and has won five of the last seven primaries.

As he nears the Democratic prize, Obama has been concentrating his campaign more and more on John McCain, the Republican nominee-in-waiting, rather than on Clinton.

But Clinton insists she still sees a path to the nomination by winning over the party leaders and elected officials known as superdelegates, whose support will be needed for either candidate to be clinch the nomination.

The Democrats are in a mess.

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