What do people who are against gay marriage mean when they say that they are for “traditional marriage”?

Do they mean original marriage? Because the earliest known and verified marriage laws were in ancient Mesopotamia. In ancient Mesopotamia marriage was a form of slavery. Are they for slavery?

Do they mean that they are against marriage that has never happened in history? Because if that is what they are talking…

What the religious right actually mean is what is traditional for them and not everyone. Simply put they feel that they are superior to others beliefs and so what is traditional only is in their belief system. They in turn feel that their idealism is the only one that should be allowed since they are superior to everyone else. It is a form of supremacism much alike white supremacism or racism in general. In the original wording for Proposition 8 the words included stating that heterosexuals were superior to homosexuals. The changed it realizing that their true intent was to transparent and that prop 8 would fail if people knew the truth. So lies were created to support their ideals.
In the end they are stating that our traditional ways however faulty are the only ways for everyone and we should force our beliefs upon everyone regardless of the term freedom!

There a times when people reduce a simple discussion to something totally silly.
Tradition marriage is not about history of marriages since that is different in most countries. However what is common in most countries is that marriage, however old it is based on recorded history, was about a woman marrying a man.

Gay marriage, if there is such a thing, is fairly new and most people do not have to be against or for it since it does not affect them in any way shape or form. The majority of humans are heterosexual. In UK there is only a civil partnership. Now some people talk about equivalence to a marriage, but that is just so they can make sense of what a civil partnership is because the term sounds like a business arrangement.

Heterosexual may ocassionally express an opinion against gay marriages, but a reasonable person would assume that they are against because they are hetero and would not be having gay marriages in any case. There is not even a need to discuss the issue since it does not affect any other national issues. It is not even a moral issue since morality is a religious issue and Britain is not religious.

If you want to carry on with your research about marriages and what the received meanings of opinions are about it, then please do a get your sociology qualification, but you will find that at the end of the day the whole thing is a non-issue since nobody really cares who takes who to what office to get a certificate of partnership. The lawyers are the most interested, but that is because of the amounts of money they get from the whole scam about gay people being convinced to seek civil partnership so as to seem on par with heterosexuals.

The scheme was not thought though logically but its too late now. The feeble minded have taken the bait and are hooked. The rest of us need no opinion on the matter.

Traditional Marriage = Domestic Discipline = Taken In Hand

Well according to the Bible, marriage is between a man and a woman… or a woman and her son… or people of the same family… or a man and 300 concubine… Just as long as two men aren’t banging, the Bible is fine with it…

Just ask them. It means different things to different people…

One man and one woman may be traditional to some; but some think more than one of either sex is ok too…

Shane, they mean the traditional marriage as they see it through recent history. They don’t want to include the rest of history because then, they would be incorrect.

Man + Woman

they mean they are fore MEN & WOMAN getting married only!
The religious freaks that live by the bible & say that god does not approve of gay marriage yada yad yada… are hypocrits because they judge gays…& in the bible it says “thou shall not judge” Pretty much anyone who studies the bible becomes a hypocrit everyday in their own life.

im straight:& I was NO on prop 8 alll they way (:

its because its against the norm of the society. many people live in the past and so its difficult for them to accept current trends or changes… they failed to realize that there’s nothing static in this world except change and nothing else but change…

With the amount of infidelity, drug abuse and addiction, and spousal abuse that there is going on these days, I wouldn’t call marriage “traditional” at all.

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