What are you early predictions for the 2011 NBA Finals? Which 2 NBA teams will meet in June?

I have two predictions, but I won’t say it until I choose best answer.

Boston Celtics vs. San Antonio Spurs

If you’re a true basketball fan you would want to see this match up. A classic series w/ defense and teamwork. If both teams are healthy this would be the best series ever.

Bulls vs Spurs..wishful thinking…realistically Celtics or Heat vs Lakers or Spurs. Those four teams at the moment seem to be playing great as a team and have players that can close out games.

I definitely think the Celtics will make it into the finals. Other teams that may make it are the Mavs, Lakers, and Spurs, and Jazz. Looking at the top 2 teams now i would say Celtics .vs. Jazz.

Celtics or Spurs, Lakers vs Heat, Magic vs Mavericks

a million. With Kendrick Perkins in basic terms a trifling Technical far flung from suspension, does he %. it up? – he gets one and pass over one game. 2. Does Derrick Fisher conflict badly against Rondo, that the Lakers are compelled to apply Bryant to guard him? – could be no longer badly yet Rondo may be the main threatening participant and Kobe is a extra effective defender than Fisher. 3. once you are the Lakers; who could desire to shield Paul Pierce? – Ron Artest 4. once you are the Celtics; who could desire to shield Kobe Bryant? – Ray Allen 5. Does Pau Gasol get the extra effective of Kevin Garnett in the submit? Or will KG as quickly as lower back dominate him like he did in the ’08 Finals? – KG will dominate him by fact Gasol isn’t that valuable against athletic defenders for the main area. 6. Whose the main obligatory participant different then the starters for each team? – Wallace/Tony Allen and Odom/Farmar 7. Who wins MVP if the Lakers win it? – Kobe 8. Who wins MVP if the Celtics win it? – If Kobe guards Rondo, could be Pierce or Garnett. 9. Your Finals Prediction and how many video games? – Ummm… Celtics in 7 (given Bynum isn’t healthful) 10. Your Finals MVP? – Paul Pierce BQ: The question you have heard time and time lower back, the place does LeBron James finally end up next 12 months? – Cleveland.

Lakers & Celtics. But it’s also highly likely that the Spurs & the Mavs will come out from the west.

Boston vs. Dallas

Boston vs San Antonio. Boston will win in 6 games.

Lakers vs celtics
Spurs vs celtics
Lakers vs heat
Spurs vs heat
Here’s one unlikely choice
Mavs vs magic

spurs vs celtics but i wanna see spurs vs bulls

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