People who oppose gay marriage – please take a minute to answer this survey?

This IS a repost. It was suggested that I try posting in another section, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Hi, I’m pursuing my graduate degree in Psych and I’m currently taking a Sociological Foundations class. For this project, we need to survey people who hold various views on current societal…

1. yes
2. yes
3. yes
4. it’s immoral
5. yes i agree.
6. I don’t think it could be changed, but i also don’t think it’s a characteristic from birth, it depends how the child’s life was growing up.
7. no
8. no
9. yes, ity’s for a man and a woman.
10. 17, female, not married, no affiliation atm.

1 yes
2 no (i’m sure a will or legal contract can solve most issues)
3 yes (children has a RIGHT to a mum and dad in a stable environment)
4 nope, nothing imoral about having attraction to the same sex… whast imoral is acting on it
5 yes ( if its legalized…nothing can stop 2 brothers or 2 sisters getting married , father and adult son, or mother and adult daughter …reporduction has been removed form the equation)
6 yup can be changed… the brain can be molded..humans can control their urges and desires, emotions and feelings..if not then all criminals of crimes of passion should also be innocent??
7 yes but you dont even need religion ( natural law is enough by itself)
8 yes .. a society that doesnt encourage reproduction will not grow… less tax payers and less consumers.
9 yes
10. age 25-35, M, engaged… extremly bias choosing “objective truth” over “tollerance” anyday

Feedback: perhaps u should look into how people value the benefits of reproduction is society? if society cannot see the value of reproduction & its benefit s and only view it as a liability… you can never hope to understand our point of view.

1. Not at all , in fact I feel they may take it more seriously, and expect they marry for love without the peer pressure to be married.I wonder how many in that group cheat on their spouses?
2. Not in lieu of , along with yes,
3. Not at all,
4. No I don`t, who am I to make that judgment?
5. Not at all , its fear mongering ,
6. Feel its the sum of the total, not just one factor alone in every case. That would be simplistic ,
8. No , I have no opposition to it
9. Nothing loose about it, its a commitment by a couple ,
10. 50+ , Male , Widower, and hetrosexual

This survey like most , seems loaded toward the negative.Why must we fear and try to change what we don`t understand?And leave religion out of it , its only good for starting wars and makeing people feel guilty about themselves. Trust in Faith in your own way.

Question 5 ?????? What the hell?? I think I can safely say that more people will have a problem with these ‘taboo’ relationships than they do with same-sex marriage(I hope!!!) I’m appalled to think that same sex unions would be put on a par with the other three!! Surely not!! Hands up if you think sex with your relatives, children or animals is OK?!

1. eww 2. eww 3. eww
bottom line. gay sex eww
sex eww
marriage eww
same sex marriage EWW

Please. They just say “the bible says it’s wrong”. All the other stuff are attempts to give their bigotry some secular support.

In a few years they’ll be in the dustbin of history with the people against inter-racial marriage.

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