Makeup like ariana grande!!?

I am being myself lol not trying to change, i just think she is gorgeous! So how can i do my makeup EXACTLY like hers? Im bored of my makeup style. And mayybe clothing like hers?

The other answerer.. that’s copy pasted from somewhere, there’s a source box for a reason!! In this case, it’s from this website 😀…

Well, her makeup styles have changed!
When she was younger, it looks like she applied a light eyeshadow or no eyeshadow and lined her eyes with black all around, then applied mascara and lip gloss.…
In a video chat, she revealed that she just applies some brown, lines the top with black (but doesn’t really go on the inside rim of the eye), and then goes all around with mascara. Also a peachy lip gloss.…

Then, she had a phase where she would always wear golden shimmer with false lashes, almost no/white/light eyeliner, and red lips!

Nowadays, she keeps it pretty simple – a lipstick with some bold false lashes.
Oh, and she likes blush!

Ariana always uses:
– Mascara or lashes
– Liquid eyeliner with a small wing on her lash line
– Brown eyeliner on her waterline
– Eyeshadow
– Lipstick

In her makeup tutorial she applies bronzer and blusher but I cannot really notice it. I have attached a picture of Ariana’s usual makeup.

Ariana showing how she does her makeup:

Ariana Grande Lazygirls

Makeup: Ariana uses simple, fresh makeup that doesn’t distract from her natural beauty. Her eyes are big, so if you want yours to appear bigger, try using mascara or eyeliner (Ariana’s favorite brand is Urban Decay). She claims that since she’s Italian, she has big dark circles under her eyes, so she always wears concealer. After that, she likes to finish off her look with a quick swipe of peach lip gloss.

Clothes: Ariana’s style is cute, girly, and sophisticated, but she also likes to show off her glam side. You can see her in anything from a Chanel maxi dress to jeans and her favorite hoodie. She wears classy dresses, but they’re usually strapless – don’t feel pressured to wear those if you’re not comfortable. Ariana also wears lots of floral patterns and ruffles. She doesn’t use too much jewelery, so stick with a simple bracelet or necklace. She likes to wear pumps, heels, and boots. If you’re still pretty young, go for a pair of pretty flats. If your school has a dress code, you could lean towards Ariana’s more casual style, like a white tank top, a grey hoodie and a pair of skinny jeans.

She’s very tan so definitely foundation and bronzer. She haves a very simple and nude eyeshadow but somedays she has her eyelids a little more tan. She has black winged eyeliner (nowadays). She always has long eyelashes which are probably fake. And she either has a light pink lip, a dark purple pink, or a nude pink lip color. She likes to wear dresses and skirts A LOT. she is always wearing heels but if your going for a more casual look then wear white sneakers (keds is the brand). She also likes to wear big sweaters as dresses. For a casual look you can do leggings or high waisted jeans. Her nails are usually white or a very light pink. Good luck.

I hate Ariana grande she is an ugly troll

makeup: tan foundation, consealer, finishing powder. Liquid eyelighner (audrey hepburn wing), mascara<fake eyelashes light pink lipstick

Long skirts make me gag. Very ancient-librarian-lady-trying-to-be-fash… Stick with short dresses- or sometimes a knee-length one if its cute

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