Look at my yahoo answers poll results! Why so many atheists in the religion & spirituality section?

I took a very unscientific and informal poll a couple of days ago..here in the religion and spirituality section of yahoo answers. Here is a link to the question: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Av7vnRLvwIcO5_egM2YOOJbsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20101006053707AAajsH5

I had asked, “I’m curious how…

in my opinion, they’re lost and searching but hiding it with a careless and discriminating attitude.


@boo boo: if you’re even a “little spiritual” then you have a responsibility–what are you going to believe?

FYI, i graduated college with degrees in theology and chemistry.

I think it’s because the Christians believe that yahoo answers is a very dangerous place to ask people questions about God… so they have learned to avoid this section over time… whereas the atheists see no problem with the mockery of religious belief and delight in the vast “majority” of unbelievers they find on this site…

In real life it was concluded that 95% of canadians believe in a higher power….

1) It’s Religion and SPIRITUALITY. What, are we not allowed to be a little spiritual.
2) Why are Christians in Science courses that they do not need to take?

Atheist, being more educated according to polls, tend to know how to work ‘the internet machine’ better than most theists.

In fact, the internet is responsible for a lot of the spread of Atheism over the years.

I don’t know what you are trying to say here but I am still waiting for my cookies and I will not leave till I get them

Why is your question only aimed at Atheists and not at any of the other positions ?……Go figure.

Why wouldn’t we be here?

Everyone deserves to know the truth. And it’s nice to talk to other atheists.

Maybe more Atheists answered this question.

I have 86 Catholic Followers and Friends.

I know for a fact there are numerous Catholics on here, just none of us involve ourselves in “Polls”

Peace be with you

<<<Devout Catholic>>>

There may be no gods but there are lots of religious nut jobs

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