Long distant relationships?

Is it advisable 2 have a long distant relationship? especially if both people love each other very much.?? Plz help. lol

It can work if you both are in love and are willing to work at it hard. Its not easy. I was in a long distance relationship for 3 years. We had a great relationship but it ended on good terms and we’re still friends today. It was not the distance that broke us up in our case it was religion. We lived two hrs away from each other, seen each other on most weekends but it was times that we didn’t see each other for weeks and in a few cases months. Its important to communicate and to have trust in one another. It was extremely hard and challenging day by day but we were able to withstand it. Long distance relationships are not for everyone, but if you both love each other as you say, im sure you guys can work out something and if its meant to be it will.

It is me and my boyfriend live 3 hours away but we make an effort to see each other as much as possible and we feel like in the end it’ll make our relationship better because we want take our time together for granted. We’ve been together for 9 months now and still going strong. I’ll be moving near him for school this June cause I don’t wanna be anywhere else but with him. So hopefully everything can work the same with yall:)

yes! I have been in this situation. They are very hard to deal with at times though, some times you’ll feel lonely, and need them. If you do have a long distance relationship, you need to keep in good contact, everyday. You need 100% trust on both sides, or it will NEVER work. You have to take time to talk with them, and still keep them involved with what you’re doing too. If you love each other enough, it should be okay.

Depends if you two are planning on being together in the near future then maybe its ok. If not then it is a bad idea. Generally speaking people in a long distance relationships do not work out. Usually because they have other priorities that will not allow them to be with you. That in itself speaks about the real love that is not there to sacrifice and be together.

I dont believe in long distance relationships.Im a very sensible guy and get mad easily,you dont know what the person could be doing behind your back!
I’ve been ******* girls while they’re on the phone with their boyfriend.

I remember one time that girl was giving me head and suddenly her “boyfriend” called her and he was like what are you doing and she said i just got done eating,im brushing my teeth

if it’s true love and there is trust.. but if there are trust issues i’d say no.. but if ya’ll really and truly love each other and trust each other don’t throw your love away because of distance.. look at all the soldiers overseas.. there wife’s are long distance.. i hope ya’ll can work it out!

If you really love each other, distance wont be a problem
Good luck

Nah, save yourself the misery. It is too painstaking to always be far from your dearest.

i personally hate long distant relationships….they suck

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