Is there a ghetto in Phoenix, AZ?

I’m looking for jobs and housing for family members and I want to know what areas to avoid. We come from Buffalo, NY, so if you know what the city is like there, esp. the east side and west side of Buffalo (although it’s all over now)….well, we don’t want to live in a place like that again.

Moved out here 2 years ago from Mission Viejo, California expecting it to be a great place to live, affordable, and not as crowded. Now that reality has kicked in, Phoenix is not as great as most people like to make it out to be. First of all, unless you have a degree, you wont find any well paying jobs besides selling drugs. Regardless of what some people will say on here, Mesa and Chandler are full of gang bangers–the Dept. of Justice recently sent out special agents to Mesa because the crime rate is exploding and the evening news is always reporting on another shooting victim in Chandler. Most of Phoenix is run down, and full of illegals. Granted there are some nice areas such as North Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek, and Carefree, but the rest of it is just the same old cookie cutter KB stucco crap. And as far as there being a lot to do, if you like restaurants, Walmart, Best Buy, and a movie theater on every corner–please come! Oh, and the terrible smog in the Winter, the horrible heat in the Summer, and the ignorant rednecks, wiggers, terrible drivers, and some of the worse schools in the country all await you. Yes, a lot of people in yahoo Answers give Phoenx glowing reports, but most of them are from shoddy areas of the country in the first place so of course Phoenix looks good!

South Phoenix

I agree w/drew B totally but I’m going to assume that you’re already committed to coming to PHX
The entire Phoenix metro area is refered to as The Valley and physically it is huge and getting bigger by the day
If you stuck a pin in the jct of I-10& I-17 and drew a circle with a 30 mile radius everthing within that circle would be within the Valley
One of your basic life strategies therefor will be to keep your entire life on the same side of The Valley because crossing the vallley in triple digit heat and traffic can flat out suck.
As far as renting apartments go it’s a buyers market the housing stock is there so take your time picking and choosing

The main area of the Phoenix metropolitan area that you would probably want to avoid is to the south of I-10 and to the west of I-17.

avoid south phoenix and downtown phoeniix areas. if you want to live in a really safe area you can look for housing in chandler which is close to phoenix and gilbert is a developing city which is becoming like scottsdale. scotsdale is like our l.a. thats where the very rich people live. mesa has some good areas there is a very big retirement comunity in mesa. there are a lot of good areas there arent much ghetts. as long as everything isnt in spanish, and there arent liquor stores on every corner then you are in a good part of town!

Pros: Diverse, beautiful weather during the winter, monsoon season (pretty awesome t’storms), tons of stuff to do (shopping, concerts, events), tons of job opportunities (as opposed to small-town employment), wonderful freeway system Cons: VERY hot during the summer; higher crime rate; God-fearing, gun-loving, anyone-colored-hating, gay-bashing Republicans who would rather pass bills to allow firearms in bars and colleges instead of working on our education system; the Governer; congested roads & bad drivers; our football/baseball/basketball/hockey teams Try north Phoenix, like around I-17/SR-51& Loop 101. You can’t escape crime but certain areas have less of it, of course. If you’re not into politics or a conservative, then you will have no problem here, besides the heat. But that you can deal with.

Much of the Phoenix area is a ghetto is runned down and actually feels as if you are in Mexico with no English speaking people anywhere all signs in Spanish etc.

South Phoenix is the area to avoid, with the notable exceptions of the heart of downtown and the Ahwatukee neighborhood, just south of downtown. Anywhere west, east, and particularly north of downtown, which is ritzy – is more developed and gentrified.

yeah there actually is. its south phoenix (from 19th av & southern to the 1-10 and southern. then there is one toward uptown and maryvale.

otherwise the rest of it is really nice and a huge job boom.

k good luck!

Phoenix and the rest of the Valley of The Sun — “Welcome to the new East L.A.”

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