Is it okay for my 2 year old toddler daughter to date a 50-year old man?

They love each other very much. I thought Love had no boundaries!

My daughter is 2 years old, a toddler but I consider her a ”pre-teen”.

Fuc*in Sicko!

LOL! of course only on a play date with his son though but you guys can join them lol

hmmmm. i dont know. maybe you should wait until she is at least 2 and a half or three, but if they truly do love each other then…love shall take its true path and…mars will explode.

Age doesn’t matter, don’t let others bring them down. I’m sure if it’s meant to be, it will happen

As long as they use protection. Imagine if she gets pregnant. Kids these days…

Yeah i mean thats completely normal

as long as you keep the 50year old mans nappies clean ..

as long as when he takes her to dinner he puts her in her car seat

yes, love is a strong thing.

It didn’t work for Ike

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