Is it OK to cheat on your wife to save your job??

I have already asked this question, but this time I am after more of a male perspective.

I am happily married with children and am a traveling salesman. Our team travels overseas to asian countries a lot, and the other guys on my team are always visiting the local prostitutes.

Until now I have not taken part,…

Time for another job then. If you’re going to get fired because you aren’t popular because you don’t hire a prostitute, then something is wrong. Don’t destroy the family you have just so you can get it on with someone else. Just because you pay for it doesn’t mean that you aren’t cheating. Just because you think your wife will never find doesn’t mean that it couldn’t destroy your marriage. What do you think she is going to say when one night in bed you whip out all these new moves or maybe say a wrong name, or maybe you talk in your sleep. Or worse, what if you come home with some disease that you happen to pass on to your wife? Don’t be stupid there are ways she could find out. Don’t try to justify doing something you know is wrong just because you want to do it. I feel sorry for your wife.

No you shouldn’t cheat if you love your wife. I’m sure there is another job for you out there. And if there isn’t, and you do end up cheating on your wife because that’s what it is…”CHEATING” then you will have to live with that guilt for the rest of your life and it’s going to eat you up inside day by day, night by night. Believe me. It might be fun in that very moment, but then you’ll start to realize and say to yourself “what have I done?” So, I suggest you file harrasement charges and do the right thing. You have to make your team happy by sleeping with a prostitute? How low is that? I know your curious about it too, but everyone gets curious, that’s life. Doesn’t mean they have to go and be a follower with the rest of the team. I feel you should stand to what you believe in and take charge. I know you probably make good money but you should try to speak with someone from the business. You have 2 choices. You can either be with your beautiful wife and children & try to do something about this matter or be with your wife and children and living a lie for the rest of your life. Good luck.

if the “team” was required to jump off the brooklyn bridge and the other members did, would you also?

if the “team” was required to break the law and possibly serve jail time, and the other members did, would u also?

no job has a right to expect or require or in your case “bully” anyone into doing anything illegal or immoral for the sake of the “team”…i think u r smart enuf to already know that, and if ur not…grow up.

document the actions and coments, find a new job and sue the pants off the company…because in the end:

real men/real women don’t cheat, for any reason or in any country…period.

good luck and GOD bless.

no need to lose your job. stay faithful to your wife and family.1. tell your wife all this today 2. document in writing all these events especially the conversations with your boss 3. read your employee documents , looking for anything about this type of conduct 4. consult with the HR department or a local labor , law attorney. Your boss is way out of line and i thing you could have him fired or at least reprimanded. its wrong and do not suffer for your morals.

This is not a male point of view, but, damn, man! Start looking for another job. How old are these guys and how immature. Do they realize what kind of diseases they could be giving their wives? This is not a point of cheating, it is the point of how they can manipulate you to do what they want. I am sorry, but that kind of ‘team playing’ can only lead to the low road. What next, drugs, multiple sex partners, oh, why not let us tape this?

I feel bad for the difficult time you are having, and pray all will work out without you having to become part of their “team”. Good Luck!

The query relatively is….”Do you care more in your household or your Job?” You need to assessment what’s more important to you. You need to understand that with the aid of cheating, you are breaking a “trust” and a “dedication” you took whilst you made up our minds to get married. Why do you say that “you’re missing out?” You journey and spend time away out of your loved ones, and might be the “first-class Time” you spend at house just isn’t ample and is inflicting you to “seem” elsewhere. Communication is the greatest instrument for a excellent relationship. Feel of this “What if the crisis was reversed” Your spouse visiting……And being around co-employees who practice these routine…..? Recollect to continually act in ways to look after your family and your integrity. I truly think that this job way alot for you, however the influences around it are unhealthy. Don’t take part on things a good way to avoid your marriage. Just on the grounds that others are doing it, it’s now not a cause for you to supply in. The worry of getting fired for now not being a part of the group isn’t the purpose you believe pressured or careworn. Sex existence, ways to exhibit affection, conversation, Love and respect, best Time….Are themes that have to be addressed together with your partner. Anything is inflicting you to consider about this. In finding the root of the challenge (one step at a time) and recollect, Your household comes first! Don’t be influenced or let other’s impact you and ruin your marriage.

Find a new job. No job is worth selling your soul over. Besides, who would want to work for a company where cheating on your wife is a requirement for continued employment? If they are unethical in this manner in what other ways are they unethical in their business dealings that could land you in hot water with the law in the future?

This sounds like a made up thing to me, but I’ll take the bait. Letting the “team” down by not sleeping with a paid for tramp? Come on, no risk of getting caught? Yoo hoo, buddy…..diseases??????

If you are so happily married, this wouldn’t enter your mind. And if your boss dangles the firing over your head, dangle lawsuit over his.

Alright so you would prefer a male perspective, but i am going to give you a female one anyways; Men that “Lie Down With Dogs, Get Up With Fleas” are you going to be a yes man all your life? Its your decision if money is more important to you then your dignity and self worth, then go for it, but be prepared to pay the consequence!

can you afford to lose your wife???? you think if your wife found out that you cheated on her because you were pressured to that she will take you *** back. you better think twice as hard about the decision that your about to make. and you should go and have a talk with your wife because your boss has no right to tell you that and you can sue him because that is not a reason to fire anyone. so think long and hard about what your boss wants to do because that is illegal

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