If “illegal is illegal” no matter the race, then why target one ethnic group over another?

If “illegal is illegal”, and a Canadian illegal is just as illegal as a Mexican one, then why target the “problem” by ethnic group?

Why not propose legislation that requires ALL people (White, Black, Brown) to prove their status?

Why target one ethnic group over another?

I agree with you 200%. They need to stop racial profiling. The Irish race here illegally because they have overstayed their Visas and don’t want to go home!

There is no legislation that proposes that one particular group of peoples prove their status; I don’t know where you get that from. Most legislation asks that any and everybody prove their legal status, which we do every time we get a new job or start at a different school, we just don’t pay attention to it. Almost 90% of illegals are Hispanic, so that’s why people take offense to these laws; however, they (the laws) are not targeting any particular group.

>>What do you mean by being “targeted”. How is this occurring? Do you mean someone driving down the street is being pulled over? Are you talking about the people illegally coming across the border and being caught? Please explain? What do you mean by propose legislation to prove status?? For everyone? Do you mean someone like me that was born in US to prove my status?? How often would I have to “prove my status” What does this mean.

Let me be clear, I probably agree with you, I am just not sure I completely understand. Illegal is Illegal no matter what ethnic group you belong to.

It’s not that they are targeting one particular ethnic group. It is a fact that the vast majority of illegal immigrants are from Mexico. The media and the government aren’t going to talk about the 1500 illegal Lithuanian immigrants when they can more effectively stress the importance of the issue by talking about the 15,000,000 illegal Mexican immigrants.

There isn’t just one ethnic group being targeted to the exclusion of all others. It’s just that Mexicans are the largest group coming illegally to the United States.

There are illegal Irish here that are being targeted as well; there just aren’t as many.

We don’t. All illegal aliens are a plague on American society. Why are illegal supporters in denial that there is one ethnic group that makes up the majority of illegal aliens in the U.S.?

Hey dude! You are right, it’s not about race but where are most of the illegal aliens coming from? Canada? NOT A CHANCE!!!

BTW, we aren’t targeting “one ethnic group.” We are targeting one southern border that involves a corrupt country that encourages and instructs their citizens to invade the US ILLEGALLY.

Border security must target the area that is flooding the most and it’s not Canada! Get a life!

It is not going to make difference. There is more of all kinds of immigrants. Back in the 60s and 70s there were not that many Indians(India) Pakistanians and Iranians. Now they are all over the place. When white Americans come up with their examples of excuses ,they only use illegal Mexicans. The reason is they have always hated the Mexican-Americans living in the southern border states. Now they are using their lame excuses and hoping all Americans will believe them.

Very true but Mexicans and other South Americans make up the lions share of illegals.

Not just “one race” is being “targeted”, don’t believe me check CBP and ICE web pages……illegals from all races and backgrounds get deported.
If you are illegal it does not matter what race you are, what matters is that said illegal is breaking the laws of this country.

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