How to quickly lower blood pressure.?

I take medication for blood pressure (diovan), although it is usually OK even without the meds. I ran out a couple days ago and cannot get to the pharmacy until tomorrow. A few hours ago I started feeling antsy or jittery. I checked and my BP is very high for me. Is there anything I can do to temporarily lower…

I would think drinking ALOT of water and peeing alot should wash out the salts from your body which could be causing you to have high blood pressure.Honestly that is just a guess on my part. You should go to the Emergency Room ASAP because you really cant play with blood pressure, its way to dangerous. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.


First of all, bp doesn’t have anything to do with health, but unfortunatley for you it is in our culture and only a few brave physicians will admit this. Lowering bp does not help anyone. It justs gives a lower reading on the meter. Alcohol and ibuprofen seem to raise bp, so don’t take those. Also mental stress does. Try thinking of good things, and do not think about the pressure taking, breath out slowly and for a long time as the pressure is being read. This physically slows the heart and the pressure reading.

quickly blood pressure

getting a message or back rub lowers your heart rate and blood pressure but you should at least get a checkup at the emergency room to make sure you wont have a heart attack


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