How can I tell if my neighbour is a serial killer?

My neighbour isn’t really a serial killer, but if he was, how would i be able to tell?

Go over to the house and take a wiff. The stench of rotting human corpses is a hard one to mask.

that’s a good question. I saw a movie once and they built a remote controlled car with a camera on it to spy on them; it was pretty wicked. I would dress up like a street hooker and walk around his house; if he/she attempts to solicit and take you in then I would be careful…

I hope that helps you out…

A gun collection? Insane collection with death?
I don’t know, I don’t even know any serial killers.

Wait, do not answer the door, dude!!! hide below the mattress until he’s long previous, then call the law enforcement officers speedy. you may have referred to as them plenty faster, you will possibly be screwed now. ? ¿

become friends with him, ask about his hobbies, if one of them is showing you useful methods of disposing people, killing people, see odd things then he is one or has ideas of being one. also if you see him bringing people back to the house and they dont come back out or he is burying things late at night or dragging bodies to the car he may be one.

haha well clearly, the movie disturbia could be quite helpful

When you notice him draggin body bags outside his house…

you seem to have a little too much time on your hands. i would in fact me more concerned about your proclivities than his!

if there are dead bodies on his lawn that would be a good clue

well over tea, just ask him straight out
: )

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