Gift ideas for a friend’s 21st Birthday (Female)?

I am at a loss of what to get her..I have known her for a long long time so I want to get something thoughtful and nice, but I’m not sure what. Another thing is that we went out for nearly 3 years, we have broken up but are still close friends. I don’t want to buy anything that might seem overboard or…

a leather jacket

Breath mints-jk
Buy her some thing useful perhaps an aplience she does not have like a toaster or knives, or better yet if you know any hobbies that she is in-to buy her a present that is no more than 25 big ones that she could use for that specific hobbie.

You could get her a nice glass of wine (go with white) or 2-4 airplane tickets to Vegas, so she could go with some friends

what she keens for? I love reading that’s why I prefer books as a gift. Avoid giving something that doesnt last long as you wish it to be remarkable

I would buy her one of those “1 day health Spa’ gift cards…where she can get a beauty treatment and be pampered.

Maybe perfume? Dolce Gabanna maybe

Save your money. Take her to Las Vegas. Show her what’s in your heart.

pink fuzzy handcuffs.

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