Can gay men and Straight men be friends?

It it possible for straight men and gay men to be just friends without feeling unconformable or disrespected. no disrespect against gays or straight just wanna know what your experiences were good or bad.

Why not?? What is you idea of a friend? To me a friend is “someone that drops everything, runs out and cranks up their car, hits the gas, gets there fast, and never stop to think what’s in it for me, or its way too far. They just show on up with their big old heart.” A real friend will look past all that, and just love you for you; and dose not care if you are gay or str8, black or white, male or femaleā€¦.ect.

I’m bi, and all my good friends are straight guys. They give me sh*t a lot, but it’s all good since we all make fun of each other for a lot of different reasons. And even my friend Josh who I had a crush on is still friends with me, it was a real let down finding out he was straight but I got over it, and he was able to deal with it. Obviously some gay guys are too horny to be friends with straight guys, but most straight guys have some gay friends even if they don’t know it yet.

From the guy’s ingredient, females many times do no longer decide or worry gay adult adult males the way right this moment adult adult males in lots of circumstances do. and that they could communicate approximately lovable adult adult males jointly! :p Plus, some gay adult adult males are female in that they each and every so often relish platonic actual affection like hugs and cuddling. maximum females are so lots extra open to hugging or cuddling a gay guy than a right this moment guy could be.

Gay men don’t want to jump everything they see. They are capable of having non-sexual friendships with straight men. Straight men are also capable of having friendships with gay men. The ones that are uncomfortable are insecure, full of themselves, or have some issues they need to work out.

Why not?

Just because I have a guy friend doesn’t mean i want to be with them. I don’t understand how it would make it uncomfortable? I wouldn’t be trying to hook up with them or anything.
People act like gay guys are all whores, not true

Of course they can. Just because you’re gay doesn’t stop you from living a normal life.

Yeah, I have a few gay friends. Some are just acquaintances, the others we have set our boundaries. They know where I stand on things, and when they try to recruit me or hit on me I tactfully rebuff them.

Yes, that is very possible in my view.
My best friend growing up was a straight kid. I’m not gay but bi, but we were best friends.


is that a serious question? of course they can be…

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