Adult Halloween Party- Ideas please?

I suggested a couple of hours ago to a friend that we actualy do something for Halloween this year for a bit of fun. It quickly escalated into me holding a party. Three hours later i’m sitting here thinking that I have no idea what I’m going to have which will entertain dozens of adults. Obv we are…

just decorate really well, use black-and-orange streamers and balloons and confetti and whatnot. even if you don’t have your party really well organized, at least you can fool your guests into thinking you do by having it look good! try replacing all the main lightbulbs in the house with blacklights, theyre pretty cheap at party stores. you could also possibly have in a scary movie playing in the background.

I love Halloween! I do a kids party in the day and adults at night. Make it fancy dress for fun and decorate your home Halloween style. If you are in UK Asda and Woolworth’s have some great decorations and costumes and cheap prices.
You could do themed drinks and give them Halloween names. Do some nibbles to eat and put music on and your away!

if youve got an old white dress throw fake blood all over it, buy a cheap long blonde wig cover in blood and go as stephen kings carrie,get another friend to dress up as a scary clown they can be the clown from his film IT.i work in a british fancy dress shop,please dont be a witch or a vamp,come on brits we must use our imajination have a look at horror films,thats where to get good ideas

Just stick some music on and leave nibbles and drinks out, and people will get chatting and dancing pretty easily!

Buy loads of cheap decorations and lights from asda, the place will look really cool quite easily in the dark

Make lots of food, e.g. a fondue – I’ve seen marshmallows shaped like ghosts in some shops. There’s also pumpkin pie.

There’s all the traditional stuff you can do – apple bobbing etc. Spice it up by using cider maybe?

you can always do a theme party…like everyone dresses as their favorite character from a book or something like that….then have little door prizes for most creative, best dressed, etc.

u go as the evil rabbit from monty python (holy grail) and get some one to dress up as a king and fakely attak them lol

you should decorate your house with Halloween products and you can always go as an alien

You go dressed at a brick and have your bf get a trowel and overalls and go as a bricklayer

dress up as kids and go ‘trick or treat

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