Why does America have the right to posses the most nuclear weapons in the world?

Especially since they are the only nation to have used them in war

Because our government is hypocritical.

It amazes me how we can have thousands stockpiled yet Iran can’t have them for self-defense. And of course peoples argument for being against Iran’s nuclear capabilities is because they might “attack Israel” or some other Western country.

It would be illogical for Iran to deliberately attack Israel or any other Western countries with out provocation. It’s not a likely scenario, Iran isn’t going to go looking for trouble deliberately. Now I have no doubt in my mind Iran would use a nuclear weapon in self-defense. Which is the REAL reason why they want Nuclear Weapons, for self-preservation – and them having nuclear capabilities would deter away America, Israel, or any Western country from ever invading them.

I think it’s also a double-standard that the same group of people that are against Iran having Nuclear Weapons because they are afraid they will use them on us or another nation, “wouldn’t take a nuclear strike” off the table against Iran.

And you wonder why the world doesn’t respect us or takes us seriously? It’s because we preach all these standards, and principles and bark up orders to other nations on how to do the same when we don’t even live up to our standards.

Why does every country in the world always b/tch about the U.S. but every year, our immigration statistics present the conclusion that most people want to live here?

I don’t understand why because in the near future, we’re going under. The last place I’d want to be in a year, is here. That’s why most us conservatives will be more prepared then our political opponents.


And since the two times we used them were to end war. We’ve demonstrated we handle them properly. What other nation can say the same?

Because America is against world domination and terrorism. Places like North Korea and Iran want world domination and terrorism, that’s why they should not have them.

It is not really certain that is the case. We should assume that numbers of atomic weapons that are released to the world press are probably not correct. The “superior” numbers may simply be to intimidate those who might attack us.

Why do you think? The USA has the most men+resources in the world. People don’t want to f*ck with the US because they don’t want to get their a$$ beat. But, I know what you mean. Other countries do ***** a lot about that.I would too. I find the world is like a giant playground and the USA is the ‘tough kid’ in the sandbox, lol…Hey…even tough kids have problems.

Hey, ‘h p’ GTHB!!!! ,,|,,

“especially since they are the only nation to have used them in war”

Exactly, and as such the US knows that Nukes are to never be used unless some world-ending hypothetical scenario were to occur.

Every other country would use them in a flash for malicious intent and use.

While you may not like it, we are the big kid on the global block and we have influence over lesser nations. I’m pleased to live in a nation that has the greatest military might the world has ever known. I’m not too happy with the wimps running the wars who continue to fail to wield power effectively.

In summation, we matter, they don’t.

Fail !!! THe Russians have the most nukes and has for decades. At one point they had 3X more.

Remember the golden rule: He who has the gold makes the rules.

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