Where would you rather live…?

Be specific..dont say “anywhere but here”…..me…I would rather live on Merseyside in England.

me thinks you need your bumps felt, its no paradise here hun, but we would deffo welcome you with open errmm arms!


hm nah i personally wouldn’t live in england cuz it’s too hazy there, PLUS you need to pay the queen! ..forget it..

i’d rather live in Switzerland, a country that doesn’t know what “economical crisis” mean. And i would finally meet Mat Rebeaud. He’s a legend.

eDiT: HHH, i gave you a thumbs-up for that!


Brisbane Australia, or most places on the East Coast of Australia.

Methinks I would like to move to Michigan. It’s a lot cooler up here than down in Florida.

Jamaica or England

Somewhere that it hasn’t been raining for 2 weeks straight. Specific enough?

Some ideas: Florida, or New York

Maybe Canada

I’d rather live california.

i live in england, birmingham at the moment.

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