What Sun signs are the most discriminated against?

And why is that?

The most common I have seen here is the two-faced Gemini. It is seem to be the only knee-jerk negitive sun sign.

I suppose that it is only on yahoo solutions that people discriminate towards any one’s solar sign, it is lovely stupid. It simply annoys me but i do not really care, they do not know me as a character so yeah. I am a Pisces too.

Well in my opinion and from what I’ve seen, Capricorn and Pisces are most discriminated against. Some people stereotype Capricorns to be all serious minded and workaholics but not all of them are so they get left out (not really but kinda). Also Pisces because a lot of people think Pisces people are just sensitive people that take things too seriously but not all the time. Idk that’s just my opinion I could be so wrong.

Cancers are considered as whiners and weak people . And that is very far from the truth. I would say the same about pisces.They are just more flexible than the rest of the zodiac.

I agree with banana cause everybody writes us off saying we are whiny weak people which is far from the truth! High five to banana! proud of ya mate!

cancers because they’re weak and whiny

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