What stupid little thing really stresses you out?

Mention one .

Driving. Always hated it.

Glancing at the clock thinking about all the things i have to do the next day Getting ready to enter a room full of people waiting to see me “i don’t think that goes under the title little but whatever ” Doing stupid things when i have tons of work to do “aka wasting time” and so many more…

Stupid questions, like this for example:

(Retail worker is in full uniform, complete with the co. logo on her shirt, doing her job.)

“(Do) You work here?”

Everytime she goes to work, it seems that she is asked that infernal question at least once during her shift. It is especially annoying when she asks the customer if she can help him/her first. I am sorry, and I know this is a stupid thing to get worked up over, but is it not obvious when somebody is wearing the above uniform (especially when the co. logo is in plain view), working on a task, and asking if he/she can help you?

if somone kills a bug they must use a piece of paper to pick it up and fold it so that the nasty little thing is securely INSIDE the middle of the paper where it won”t come out EVEN if its dead. dont just use the paper to kill it then leave the crushed bug exposed and have THE NERVE to place it on a nearby surface. that freaks me out and urks my nerves. lmao.

The stupid street cleaner e_e since my dad is on vacation i have to be on the damn look out to move his car.

Buying condoms at the supermarket and the packet doesn’t scan.

When I’m frying an egg and I bust the yoke. I can’t stand that.

Going to the mall,idk why.I think its anxiety


Someone who enjoys upsetting you with things they are aware of that you do not like,yet they do it anyway not caring at all how they make another feel.

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