Vauxhall Vectra 1.8 Petrol – Fuel Cap doesnt open?

My Vauxhall Vectra’s Petrol cap won’t open. I put my hand inside the tight blades of the cap and pull it open, have been injured few times while doing so.
Can someone help me by telling where the release button may be, and how other owners have get around this issue, as I myself haven’t found out if…

Press the “door open” button twice! This will open all passenger doors as well as release the petrol cap!

Hope this helps!

Is this a Vectra B? The most likely fault is the solenoid failing. It should unlock with the rest of the doors.

If it’s a Vectra C, then make sure you are pressing the unlock button twice on the remote fob and also check all fuses in the rear electrical centre (left hand side of the boot).

as above or get the garage to programe the car to only open the fuel flap

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