Teens: How can I overcome my social awkwardness?

Literally, I can’t even talk around the person whom I consider to be my best friend… She gets bored from talking to me and tends to forget I’m even next to her just because I so socially awkward. I don’t think it’s intentional, but still. It gets really annoying. And she’s also my only friend…

Social awkwardness isn’t something you can change within a few days.
You need confidence in yourself, and don’t be afraid of saying something stupid, or boring someone to death. For one, there’s no reason to be afraid of people. The worst thing they can do is give you a dirty look. They won’t kill you for getting tongue tied, or anything like that. You’ll never know if being yourself wont make friends unless you try it. Obviously you aren’t being yourself, because being socially awkward clearly isn’t you.
She’s your friend, so you should be comfortable around her. She isn’t your friend for nothing. She must be interested in you if she’s hanging around you. Just talk to her, and see what happens. To keep a conversation rolling, ask questions. If you compliment someone on their shoes, ask where they got them. Ask how much they were, if they like some other brand, etc.
It’s not difficult, you just have to put yourself out there to get over your fear of social situations. I have social anxiety, and it’s because of the linking my brain does. My brain links my bully victimization to social situations with kids my age. The only thing to get rid of that is to keep throwing myself into social situations. Think about reasons for why you may be socially awkward, and figure out how to get over it. Highschool is supposedly the best years of your life, and you wouldn’t want to miss out for no reason. I’ll be a Junior in highschool soon, and believe me, it sucks to miss out.
And by the way, in highschool, most kids are past the bullying. At least at the schools in my area they are.
You could also try talking to a counselor if you want. In my opinion, you’re the only person that can help yourself (if that makes sense).

Good luck~

First I’m somewhat socially awkward too! 😀 haha I’ve got like three or four friends!
Anways I think as far as your bestfriend you have to talk about things that intrest her and let her start a conversation. I don’t think you should be so concerned about going into high school without friends. I mean you will meet some people that like you. 😀
Talk about things that intrest other people, not just you. I think that’s the biggest thing. Even if you don’t like it try to talk about it 😛 I know its annoying!

So just try to talk to other people about things they enjoy, even if they’re boring.

“Be yourself, don’t take anyone’s ****, and never let them take you alive.”
-Gerard Way <3

im socially awkward myself…
I cant hold a conversation with someone for longer than 5 seconds without it getting awkward!

Let’s be friends.
I’m socially awkward too. Haha

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