So this morning i flipped off a school bus driver…wrong or right?


I was in front of him making a turn at a red light…

Light turns green

my car got stuck in a bank of snow as i was turning

it was snowing heavily and i remained stuck for 3 minuites

Light turns red

Bus driver starts honking

I flip him off and go back to trying to get out.

i would have mooned him 😉 no i would have done the same… he could have gone around. i have a mustang and it’s terrible in the snow. there have been plenty of times where i got stuck and people go around me… it’s not that difficult… he had it coming.

Well next time you see him apologize if he recognizes you. He was probably behind schedule and rushing around in a hurry that day. They really don’t make very much and they have to deal with the same stress as everyone else does maybe more because traffic is horrible. You may have come across as just another punk kid. People make snap judgments because they have nothing else to go by. I have met some wonderful people with tattoos and nose earrings, but most people would not give them the time of day because their outward appearance is rough. At least if you apologized you did all you could on your part to change things, but that is up to you how you wish to be treated you would have to change your treatment of others.

Lol, I don’t think it’s anything to lose sleep over

Me and a friend were passing an elementary school bus and I mooned it driving by

I think the bus driver got a good laugh out of that one

Maybe he was just crabby, or he didn’t notice you were stuck. Usually bus drivers let cars off that are having trouble. Oh well, just watch your finger.

Hopefully no kids saw that. But you had every right to do it. A lot of bus drivers are rude anyways.

I do not understand why people who see (?) the situation think that honking the horn will make things better, they are dumb, and yes you did the right thing, go you!!!

He’s a bus driver. I’m sure he’s used to it.

If no real harm is done, then you are not entirely wrong.

oh it was spur of the moment-shake it off

no i would have flipped him off to then laid on my horn and call him names,sorry thats just me im still battling road rage lol

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