Should I go to college or go to Japan or… I don’t know?

I just don’t know what to do…I’m just stuck between a rock and a hard place.
It’s probably going to be a very long post, so I hope you can bear with me… I really need some help, some insight, just anything…

First, I guess a bit about me– Well I’m a high school senior and I’ll be…

I moved to Japan in January 2010, I am originally from England. When I first moved it was tough because I had to get used to the culture and I didn’t know Japanese very well but I have improved a lot more since I have been here. It was my dream to be here and it took a long time to accomplish.
I got married in Japan and have a baby.
The easiest jobs to get in Japan are teaching students English privately or becoming English teacher unless your Japanese is really good then you can get other kinds of jobs here.
Do not worry about the ‘gaijin’ thing, I get looked at sometimes but my husband tells me it’s because they are interested in me because I speak English. But in big cities like Tokyo, you rarely ever get looked at and there are lots of other foreign people there. It happens more in little towns or villages. But people are very polite and friendly, I haven’t met a bad Japanese person ever, as long as you are polite and friendly back. =)
And also, never give up your dream, if it’s something that you really truly want to do then go for it. That’s what I did and now I am more happy than I have ever been. I was scared as well because I had never been to Japan and I had never been in a plane.
Don’t let people or fear stop you from doing what you want! Sorry my message is so long.

Go with your heart. Im the same way my parents wanted me to go to notre dame academy but i wanted to go to a highschool in japan. I spent weeks searching for highschools and learning japanese in hopes of going and now i am going since i didnt give up. Theres many different programs you may try. Some you even get to go for free or half price as long as you teach english so dont give up and keep searching. you could try searching for a parttime job and save up the money then get a scholarship like im going to do. If you get a scholarship its usually half off tuiton or no tuiton at all so its a great way to go. or you could apply for a grant ( you dont have to pay it back ). As far as i know you wont have any trouble finding a job in japan even if you are a gaijin. Sometimes the schools help you find a job to help pay for your tuition or you can work at the school to pay some of your tuiton ( some schools do that)

You can teach English for a few hours a week, 10 or 20, which should cover your living expenses. I sadly don’t think you’d get a scholarship though – your GPA is too low for that. I work on a program to help foreigners study in Japan (teaching degree programs in English, etc), and we have scholarships, but as I say, I don’t think you’d be competitive. If you do go to college in Japan, I think you’d have to pay for it, although that is likely true in the US too.

If there is any way to improve your GPA, even if it means retaking a year, you’d be wise to do it.

since you know english become a translator for people going to japan or coming here from japan or even become a teacher. i understand where your coming from when i was in high school i got into he wrong crowd got pregnant and almost dropped out because of the support of my mom i made it and i am thankful for that now i have 2 kids im getting married and i became an RN. if you bbelieveyou can do anything you truly can but you must really want it or it will never happen.

Well, you can’t go to a school and work at the same time in Japan. You need student visa for school, working visa to work.

You are allowed to have a part-time job under student visa. But it’s not enough to pay tuition and living cost.

It will take around $25,000 for tuition and living cost for 1 year. Do you have that amount? And if you want to go to an university, you will need $100,000 for 4 years.

You can’t just pop into Mcdonald’s(Makudo for short) and apply for a job. You need to have a certain permit to work in Japan legally even when you are a student. Same rule applies in the US, Canada or whatever.

Dont go over there. Way too much radiation. You’ll die if you visit

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