Should I change oil for my car before deadline?

The last time my friend changed oil for my car it was before the deadline: should be changed at 73xxx miles (on the odometer) but I changed it at 72000 miles in order to get the next change at75000. After driving 1400 miles, the sign indicator light of oil replacement start flashing.
Normally I have to drive…

New oil is always better than old oil. IF YOU DECIDED TO, You could change the oil every one hundred miles. Way extreme, but that would not hurt the engine. Changing the oil before the scheduled change is not a problem.

My truck recommends every 7,000 miles, however, I always change it on the fives. 60,000 – 65,000 – 70,000 – 75,000 and so on. That way it’s always easier to remember when the next is due. However, when planning a long trip, say a 3,000 mile road trip, I ALWAYS start with fresh oil. When I get home, another oil change, then depending on when the next FIVE is I’ll either change the oil again OR wait an extra couple thousand miles. But I never go beyond the recommended maintenance schedule.

Going early won’t hurt it – EVER.

Good luck.


ADDITIONAL: Oh, forgot to say – go ahead and cancel the light. It’s just a reminder.

Check your owners manual to find out if the light is on because the car reached a mileage or time limit set by the last person to change the oil, or if it actually involves detection of contaminants in the oil. If it checks the oil contamination, then you may wish to take the car to a service tech and have them check the proper function of the light and sensor. 1400 miles should not trip a contaminant sensor.

If the light just marks mileage and time, you can turn it off and wait until you hit the mileage or time you feel is correct for a change. As an aside, 3,000 miles is too often to change oil unless you drive in dusty or mountain conditions. Your car can go 5,000 miles safely on modern oil. Also, do not pay for synthetic oil unless you have a high performance engine. A normal car engine can’t benefit from the difference between synthetic and regular oil enough to warrant the additional cost.

Normally, most manufacturers recommend 3,000-5,000 miles, with 7,000 miles maximum (depending on the type of driving), between oil changes. I have had cars in the past that needed their oil changed at 1,000 miles, but it was because I was driving way fast, way long, in hot weather, burning cheap gas. Check the oil level first, then smell it. If it smells burnt, then it’s time to change it. If your oil pressure is lower then normal, and the level is correct, then the oil has broken down and needs changing. Did you put in the right grade of name brand oil last time? Always, and I repeat, always, use the factory oil filter! Many a car has blown it’s motor because a cheap, aftermarket oil filter was used. And also, make sure that your car doesn’t need to have the “change oil” light reset (see owners/shop manual). Good luck.

Mileage intervals mean NOTHING.

Everyone drives different. What the determining factor is: how YOU drive YOUR vehicle.

Many people drive lots of short trips in cold weather and need to change at 1000 miles. Many drive lots of highway miles and can travel 5000 miles before a change.

Its up to YOU.

Depends if the light monitors miles, or actual condition of the oil. If it just monitors miles and you’re out of sync, turn it off and change the oil when you actually hit 3,000. btw a lot of cars can go like 5,000 anymore.

… at 3001 the engine blows up<<not really,,keep oil level full drive untill 5 or 6K…if you would read your owners manual you would kno NO car makers have oil changes at 3K..most are at 7500

It isnt really that critical, i mean its good ot have fresh oil, but waiting till right time as far as milage goes, it isnt like its gonna blow , its alot easier to try and stay on your original cycle.

20 bucks at most places. Got 20 bucks? Might as well do it.

(unless you’re using synthetic)

actually you should worry more about the air filter. just keep track of the oil change.

the cleaner you keep your cars engine oil the longer your motor will last.

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