Religion vs Science debate?

If Jesus and Mohamed came back from the past and started a debate with 2 scientific, (and we suppose they found a way to communicate), will the scientists make Jesus and Mohamed speechless?
What could they answer to questions like “If god was a perfect creator, then why isn’t the world we live in…

“If god was a perfect creator, then why isn’t the world we live in perfect?”

Is this a scientific question? You’re joking.. right?

The perfection of a design is not judged by the creation, but by the designer. The designer has his purposes, and if those purposes are perfectly satisfied in his creation, then the design is perfectly executed.

You are a riot!

will the scientists make Jesus and Mohamed speechless?
no of course not
jesus created every thing

But why did God leave us a choice, also leaving a chance for us to do bad things? Why leave a choice when we don’t have a perfect brain?

because we have to choose to follow god willingly or not to willingly

why didn’t he create humans in a way they’d believe in him from the beginning?
he did but men choose not to believe

Jesus and Mohamed would not be speechless they would know how to answer.The apostle Paul was moved to write that God’s “invisible qualities are clearly seen from the world’s creation onward, because they are perceived by the things made, even his eternal power and Godship.” (Romans 1:20) Wouldn’t you agree that scientists’ theories often seem to rely on premises that require their own kind of faith. For example, when it comes to the origin of life, most evolutionists adhere to ideas that require faith in certain “doctrines.” Facts are mixed with theories. And when scientists use the weight of their authority to impose blind belief in evolution, they are in reality implying: ‘You are not responsible for your morality because you are merely the product of biology, chemistry, and physics.’ Biologist Richard Dawkins says that in the universe ‘there is no design, no purpose, no evil and no good, nothing but pointless indifference.’
To uphold such beliefs, some scientists choose to ignore the extensive research of other scientists who contradict the theoretical foundations for their theories on the origin of life. Even if we allow for billions of years of time, the accidental forming of the complex molecules required to form a functional living cell has been shown to be a mathematical impossibility. Thus, the dogmatic theories on the origin of life that appear in many textbooks must be considered invalid.
Belief that life originated by blind chance demands more faith than belief in creation does. Astronomer David Block observed: “A man who does not believe in a Creator would have to have more faith than one who does. In declaring that God does not exist, a person makes a sweeping unsubstantiated statement—a postulate based on faith.”
Scientific discoveries can induce a reverential attitude in some scientists. Albert Einstein admitted: “You will hardly find one among the profounder sort of scientific minds without a religious feeling of his own. . . . Religious feeling takes the form of a rapturous amazement at the harmony of natural law, which reveals an intelligence of such superiority that, compared with it, all the systematic thinking and acting of human beings is an utterly insignificant reflection.” Yet, this does not necessarily lead scientists to believe in a Creator, a personal God.
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Think about it. If it were possible, and you created a human life, which maybe you have or haven’t idk, and you had the chance to make them perfect and force them to love you, would you? What would mean more in the end– someone who YOU made love you, or someone who chose to on their own without any force involved? He knew we were going to screw up at some points in our life. But that’s why He’s there; for us to go to Him and find solutions to the things that mess us up. Which really aren’t that hard to find if people would take their google’d internet bullshit and textbooks out of there ***. Science doesn’t prove EVERYTHING. There’s still huge question marks out there that even scientists haven’t figured out yet. And that’s where the debate should end.

Your working on the assumption that most of the science today wasn’t caused by some sort of god. Personally I believe that the humans are god’s science experiment and that we aren’t perfect because he wants to see what will happen to us. We’re a prototype.

Adam and Eve did believe in God.Jesus Christ is God.No scientist will make Jesus speechless.Mankind still thinks they can fix and correct God.

Real science lines up with the bible.Mixing in the evolution lie does not make it true or science.

The debate would never happen because Jesus and Mohamed are doctored characters of history.,,,,

Plus the lack of time travel.

yea they could but scientists will just not believe they’re legit Jesus and Muhammad without proof

I believe the scientist would have lost simply because they were back from the dead.

if jesus and mohhamed came bak den dat wuld prove a llot wouldnt it?
unfortunately that isnt going to happen

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