NRHH: I’m finally a TC? (w/RHH BQ’s)?

After multiple suspensions over the past year since I’ve been here, I’m finally a TC.

RHH: Anybody have any recs for Earl Sweatshirt and Aesop Rock?

BQ: B/S: Soul Food by Goodie Mob is underrated?
BQ2: Favorite Wu-Tang solo album?
BQ3: Other than Dre 3000, who is your favorite rapper from the South?

congratulations. Didn’t you have a TC badge back when you had the picture of a guitarist as you pic?

RHH:sadly no.

BQ: buy
BQ3: J.Cole or E-40

I was TC once……

RHH: Earl Sweatshirt – EARL and Aesop Rock – Labor Days

BQ: Rent, it’s not great but definitely undermentioned
BQ3: Tonedeff

Welcome to the TC’s world. BQ: No, I used to be thinking of getting one however I relatively do not know alot about baseball and i do not maintain track of the entire stats and although i attempt to bear in mind how well the pitchers did I invariably disregard. I could are trying within the close future but for now Im joyful with 2 TC badges intent relatively that is all i need.


RHH: Labor Days, None Shall Pass, Float & Skelethon

BQ: Buy
BQ2: Supreme Clientele- Ghostface Killah
BQ3: Cise Starr, but it’s tentative; I change my mind many times about this.

there u go im up a level

bq no applicable
bq 36 chambers or wu tang forever
bq I dnt even know bull bull but my favorate southern rapper is bushwick bill

*whoop whoop*

RHH:You should get Labour Days + Skelethon albums by Aesop Rock


BQ: “EARL” and “Skelethon”

BQ: I don’t remember it.
BQ3: T.I.

Nice of you to join us.

RHH: Sorry not me.
BQ: Buy.
BQ2: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx
BQ3: Big Boi

Finally, you’ve been around for ages so nice to see you’ve made it 🙂

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