My mother would like to know…What did Steve Johnson die of/how long ago as well?(on Days of Our Lives)?

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He died of horrible writing…just like most of the other characters on the show. At least he has only died once, compared to those who have died like 5 or 6 times already!

Here’s the full scoop:
Steve “Patch” Johnson is the eldest child of Jo and Duke Johnson. He has a sister (Adrienne) and a brother, Billy (AKA Jack Deveraux).

Steve met Bo while they were both in the Merchant Marine; they were best friends with a woman name Britta Englund, who convinced them to get their knife tattoos. After Steve sold bad drugs to a friend who died, he and Bo got into a knife fight. This was how Steve lost his eye and earned the nickname “Patch.”

There was still a lot of animosity between the former friends when Steve arrived in Salem. He was working for Victor Kiriakis, who wanted him to retrieve some film from Kimberly Brady. The film eventually led Bo, Hope, Shane and Kimberly to Miami, Florida, where they hoped to destroy Victor’s criminal domain. Shane got the evidence he needed to bring down Victor and Steve was arrested for his part in the crimes. They got off, however, when Victor blackmailed Larry Welch into taking the fall for everything.

Britta Englund arrived in Salem and rekindled her romance with Steve. When she learned Victor had ordered a hit on Steve, she tried to warn him and was shot. After she recovered she quickly left without any explanation. Steve never knew that she left to save him from Victor.

Later that year Steve met and fell in love with Kayla Brady. When he started having troubling memories about his past, though, he turned away from her. Later, Patch learned that Kayla’s new roommate Adrienne was his long-long sister. He was soon reunited with their mother, Jo Johnson, who explained she’d given up Steve and his brother to save them from a violent home. His father Duke came looking for Jo and Steve helped her get a restraining order. Enraged Duke raped Adrienne and she shot him. Steve took the murder rap while Adrienne blocked the entire event from her memory. Eventually, she recalled the traumatic event and rushed into the courtroom as Steve was being sentenced. When the judge learned what had really happened, all charges were dropped.

Victor Kiriakis was after a computer disk that Harper Deveraux had. Steve agreed to pose as an assassin to help Senator Devereaux fake his own death. But when Steve fired his gun, Harper was hit by a real bullet, thanks to Victor’s henchman Kai. Harper was hit and fell into a coma and Steve went on the run with Kayla. After an arduous investigation involving Diana Colville and the ISA, Steve was exonerated of the charges.

Later that year Steve and Adrienne learned that Jack Devereaux was their long lost brother. Jack was suffering from Hodgkin’s Disease so they decided not to confront him with the truth. Jack became smitten with Kayla when she was hired as his nurse. Steve encouraged Kayla to spend time with his brother. Hurt by his rejection, Kayl accepted Jack’s proposal and they soon married. Steve kidnapped Kayla from Jack, however, when he learned Harper was trying to poison her. When Kayla eventually recovered she refused to believe a Deveraux was trying to kill her. She left to try to find Roman but collapsed on the pier and Melissa was arrested on suspicion of trying to kill her.

Steve knew Melissa was innocent of the charges but clearly someone wanted Kayla dead. Kayla and Steve began to meet behind Jack’s back. Jack was elected to the state assembly but was humiliated when insinuating photos of Steve and Kayla surfaced. He raped Kayla and had Steve beaten up. Planning to defend Kayla’s honor, Steve confronted Jack on a rooftop. After a struggle, Jack fell over the edge. He was rushed to the hospital where he required a kidney transplant. His best chance for a successful match was his brother, and the secret was exposed. Steve was Jack’s brother. Steve agreed to donate the kidney when their mother Jo asked him. Kayla filed for divorce.

The Riverfront Knifer attacked Kayla and when she tried to escape a can of gasoline caused an explosion. She was temporarily unable to hear or speak and her memory was muddled. At first, she couldn’t remember the identity of her attacker, but when she did, she wrote it down for Kimberly who rushed to call Shane. It was too late. Harper Deveraux – the Riverfront Knifer – was already in Kayla’s apartment. He took her and Kimberly to the rooftop and confessed. Just as he was about to throw the two women off the roof, Steve and Shane arrived and arrested him.

Kayla underwent surgery to repair her hearing. The surgery was a success, but it couldn’t restore her speech. Steve proposed to Kayla, and she accepted. On July 28, 1988 Kayla and Steve wed, and she said “I do.” Her speech had returned!

Steve and Kayla honeymooned in the Orient where they came upon a little deaf boy named Benjy. They couldn’t find his parents so they took him back to Salem. A woman posing as his mother showed up and said it was too dangerous for Benjy’s real mother to surface. But Ellen, the real mother, was watching from afar while Steve and Kayla considered adopting the boy. Ellen contacted them and said she needed to hide Benjy from his evil father. She scheduled a time to pick the boy up, but she didn’t show. Shortly thereafter, Steve found her dead on the pier. Benjy’s father abducted him, but Orion, his grandfather, tracked them down and they left the country.

Steve found a badly burnt man on the roadside. He turned out to be Nick Corelli, who pleaded with Steve to keep his secret. When he was strong enough, Nick moved to an old mansion he owned. Unfortunately an old acquaintance named Eddie was holding Eve hostage there while looking for some of Harper Deveraux’s money that Nick had hidden. Steve and Kayla helped Nick try to lure Eddie into a trap but were accused of conspiring to hide stolen money. Eventually Eddie was shot and killed, and as a thank you Nick gave the old mansion to Steve and Kayla.

In 1989, Steve joined the ISA. His first assignment was to track down an arsonist who had been striking black churches in the south for a number of years. The trail led Steve to the Reverend Saul Taylor’s revival camp. Steve underwent reconstructive surgery to have his eye socket repaired and a glass eye put in. He then infiltrated the camp as Brother Daniel Lucas. Steve learned that Saul Taylor and his partner Jericho were using the camp as a front to fence stolen goods. They were responsible for many of the church bombings Steve was investigating and had also killed his best friend Marcus Hunter’s parents. Saul Taylor was eventually shot and killed by his partner Jericho.

Steve and Kayla learned they were expecting and hoped their life had finally returned to normal. Not so fast. Marina Toscano, a mysterious woman from Steve’s past, showed up, claiming to be his wife. Steve was stunned to see her. They were indeed married, but he believed he had killed her when they got into an argument on a ship and she fell overboard. Marina didn’t want Steve back; she wanted his help in retrieving the key to her father’s estate. Steve had the logbook of the ship from which they had thrown the key. Kayla encouraged Steve to help Marina in hopes she would grant him a divorce. What they didn’t know was that Marina was working for Victor Kiriakis. When Steve found the key, Victor was there to snag it. During the struggle, Steve’s eye was injured, forcing him to wear his patch again. After they returned to Salem, Victor realized the key was a fake. Marina hid the real key in Steve and Kayla’s home.

Kayla was very pregnant and she and Steve wanted to remarry before the baby’s birth. Unfortunately Kayla was arrested during the wedding for the murder of Marina Toscano, who had turned up dead in her hotel room. Victor had sent Roman and Abe a tape on which Kayla threatened to kill Marina. The tape had been doctored, but Roman was nonetheless forced to arrest Kayla.

Kayla was found guilty for the murder of Marina Toscano and was sent to prison. She allowed Steve to raise their new daughter, Stephanie Kay, and he hired a woman named Kelly Parker as her nanny. Kelly was actually a deranged woman named Sheila Salsbury who had recently lost her own baby. Sheila became obsessed with the baby and kidnapped her. Kayla escaped from prison and she and Steve followed Sheila to Australia where they managed to recover their child. When they learned that Kayla was exonerated of Marina’s death, they returned to Salem.

At Steve and Kayla’s second wedding, Harper Deveraux, who had just escaped from prison, plotted his revenge. He was going to execute Steve from the church bell tower. Jack learned of Harper’s plan and stopped him by pushing him to his death. The wedding went on as planned and Steve and Kayla were legally married on August 13, 1990.

After learning that Bo was the Riverfront Raider, Steve agreed to help him. Steve spotted a suspicious looking boat and when he investigated, he found a card addressed to Bo from Lawrence Alamain. The boat exploded (an explosion meant for Bo) and Steve was knocked into a coma. He came out of the coma, only to have Lawrence poison his IV. Steve died in Kayla’s arms but before he was buried, his coffin was switched with an empty one.

He died in the early 90’s. I’m sooooooo glad he’s back though. Patch and Kayla were the Bo and Hope of Days in the 90’s.

in 1990 I liked him too

Good question cause I was wondering the same thing.

he died in an explosion 1990

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