Is “2012” just another “Y2K” scare?

Many will remember the Y2K [Millenium / Year 2000] scare …
Now the year 2012 is fanning the frenzy of “Apocalypse” …
Yes or No …
Either way WHY ?

Yes, it is only a scare.
Even though the Mayan calendar ends on the winter solsrice and many religions, legends and folklore say that around this time, an apocalyptic event between darkness and light will erupt, it won’t happen according to the Mayan calendar.
The calendar did not account for the leap year therefore the world would have fallen into pieces about six or seven months ago. For the other clains and ideas, I don’t have an answer.

Seriously? After last year’s Doom-a-thon you can still believe this hoax is real? We had Judgment Day, the Rapture, Supermoon, Comet ELEnin, 11-11-11, Oct 21st (for some damn reason) and a bunch of falling death satellites. Every one of them was complete BS. I was actually cheering for the Rapture. Imagine if all the religious zealots in the world disappeared on the same day. It would be Heaven on Earth. Except then, if this was Heaven, they’d all come back here? Forget about it.

Morons, druggies and con-men thought up the 2012 nonsense, with a smattering of the mentally deranged thrown in for seasoning. I don’t know about you, but I tend not to listen to anyone in any of those groups. That crazy man with the sign down by the freeway doesn’t know something you don’t, except maybe how to heat a can of beans in his pants while he is sleeping so he can have a warm breakfast.

Do some reading. Be the smartest kid in your fifth grade class.

The Mayan calendar had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with leap years. To us, its June 7, 2012, but to the Mayans, its more like 1727820. They just count days. Up. So, when someone starts telling you about how the Mayans forgot about leap years, just tell them “Years? They didn’t bother with no stinkin’ years.”


the scare started because the mayan calendar supposedly ends on Dec 20, 2012.

It doesnt end, it just starts another cycle.

in all likelihood it is, indeed, just another scare.. a lot of people use the bible or the Mayan calendar as their reasoning.. i can’t tell you much about the bible part, just that theres no direct times/dates/etc given for the end of the world in the bible, as far as the Mayan calendar, it’s just the date the calendar rolls over and begins a new cycle, it has nothing to do with the end times

people are just trying to profit off the fear

The mayans were off by 100 years. Well that’s what I heard on the radio.

yes, it’s just another Y2K scare.
It’s a good way to make money for some people too

Yes it is

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