I have a 94 honda accord lx she cranks but wont start I checked the spark plugs fuel pump distributer need HLP?

Check your fuel line first. Check your fuel pump and fuel pump relay, fuel pump might be malfunctioning already. There might be a loose connection in the fuel pump relay. Check it or replace if needed. Have your ignition coil check, it might not be supplying the exact amount of electricity the sparkplug needs. Hope this helps!

The two weakest spots in the mid-90s Accords are the fuel pump relay (called the main relay) and the igniter. Watch your tach to see if it kicks a bit every second or so as you crank the engine – if not, you should suspect you are not getting spark.

Anyway, check out the source on this one. For repairs I recommend genuine Honda parts – the reliability is way better than aftermarket parts will give you.

Yea I am with the rest of the people

a engine only needs 3 things to run

Check your fuel filter might be clogged not letting fuel in

Check your air filter might be clogged

Make sure it is firing on all cylinders

And If The timing belt slipped or is broken it also wont start
if possible get it plugged in Doubt it but could be a ignition problem

It is the Ignition Crontrol Module, This is a common problem with hondas. sometimes the car will start fine and sometimes the car just won’t start. The Module is a silver box located above the steering column, behind the dash. It costs 55 dollars and only takes about 10 minutes to change.

I’ve had 2 Hondas and when they’ve gotten older they’re really finicky about gasoline. I used to have to get gas at BP and in the winter I had to get the expensive stuff. Starting them was a son of a gun if the gas wasn’t good. You might try better gas.

If you have spark and fuel then its most likely the timing marks are off.

week link is the fuel fliter. Definatley wont start if the timing belt slipt or broke

if you dont have spark to plugs,ignition control module craped out.(inside distributor)

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