Have you found someone you know at a loss in telling you why they vote democratic?

Next time, you can help them out with the following reasons:

10. I voted Democrat because I believe oil companies’ profits of 4% on a gallon of gas are obscene but the government taxing the same gallon of gas at 15% isn’t.

9. I voted Democrat because I believe the government will do a better job…

I usually will not ask them, and there are few I choose to assoicate with.

Your on a roll tonight, this is good!

There certainly is one person here who is disconnected.

I think she’s lost her grip alright! ROFL! Now, to answer your REAL question. Hillary should not get ANY latino vote, after she said “I think now I’ll begin to think of the person cleaning the public bathroom as a ‘human being.’ Whew. Anyway, she tried to snag the Latino vote in the West, but it didn’t work. Here’s why …. From: The TexasObserver The Ballad of Hillary Clinton Way out in the west Where the folks are the best, But the towns are really remote. Rides our gun-totin’ pal That Hillary gal, And she’s courtin’ the Hispanic vote. Yup, she’s packin’ a gun And it ain’t just for fun. They say she’s shot seven or eight. She’s angry and mean, The worst that we’ve seen When she’s roundin’ up each delegate. “Howdy, you all!” She says with a drawl. “I’m looking for Spaniards, you see. Now ya do what I says, I’m runnin’ for prez, So just hand them over to me!” From the back comes a shout “I’m afraid that they’re out At a rally just down the street. ‘Cause a new guy’s come in And they’re voting for him, He’s the one they all want to meet!” She gallops away, In tears, so they say. Amid shouts of “Obama’s our man!” With voices so loud, A people so proud… “Yes, we can! Yes, we can! Yes, we can!! by Richard Fassler, who has published it in a number of Texas blogs for use by all Obama For President! Ride that ticket! 08

I’ve been told by CONServative Republicans that:
10) I voted Republican because I want my government to turn a blind eye to banking and financial crime
9) I voted Republican because I think John McCain is a great war hero but John Kerry is not and besides, Sarah Palin isn’t intelligent but she’s hot.
8) I voted Republican because we need to get religion back into schools and ignore what Thomas Jefferson said about the Constitution being a “Wall of separation between church and state”.
7) I voted Republican because I want to stick my nose in the business of other women who are entering clinics and force my religious views on them.
6) I voted Republican because I despise Unemployment benefits, federal job training or any type of labor benefits won for us by American unions.
5) I voted Republican because I whole heartedly agree with Trickle Down Economics!
4) I voted Republican because I think we need to go to war to get that Asian Oil Pipeline built so that American oil companies can sell the goods to China and Japan. But I don’t want my son to be in harm’s way!)
5) I voted Republican because I believe that the federal government should operate in the whole, which is why Bush and Repubs borrowed so heavily from Japan and China! And that goofy Bill Clinton left us with a balanced budget, a surplus and peace!
4) I voted Republican because I know they haven’t given Americans one damn social program to benefit the common man and they never will!
3) I voted Republican because I admire CONServative commentators and drug addicts like Rush Limbaugh. He makes me just wnat to wave that flag!
2) I voted Republican because I really admire the genius of Hoover, Nixon and Bush. I admire the debt that Reagan and Bush(s) wracked up for us. I just can’t get enough of those guys!
1) I voted Republican because I don’t want to pay my fair share of taxes and I am greedy and narcissistic and want to keep all my money for myself and to hell with everyone else!

The Democrats and Republicans are the same, with the exception of a few people like Ron Paul.

The list is spot on! Some just can’t handle the truth and brush it off as being BS.


That list filled with BS.

What’s sad is that I know that’s what Cons and Libertarians really believe which shows that they are disconnected from reality.

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