Does a co-signers get there credit scores lowered for co-signing for someone for a vehicle?

My aunt co-signed for me and they lowered her credit score by a few points. I am the person who bought the vehicle and is it on both of our credits and though she is the gaurantee and responsible person if I default. Is this correct? If so, how can I take it be taken off on her end?

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Pay the loan on time, and after a while it will help her score.

When your aunt co-signed for you it put her as liable for that dept. Yes it will lower her credit score. What you need to do is to pay the monthly payment for 1 year then go out and refinance the car at a credit union and take her off the loan. That’s it. Done deal.

Any credit a person is obligated to can affect their credit rating. A couple of points is no big deal. How to get it off her record – pay off the vehicle or re-finance it under your name only.
If you needed a co-signer it means that your credit & income was not high enough (or perceived as stable enough) so you did not qualify to get the credit on your own. You need to work at building your credit rating by making payments on time and ensuring that loan gets paid off & off your aunt’s record as soon as possible.

that cannot happen as described, yes you are right she is the co, it can’t yet anyhow. She can have a lower credit score if you don’t make payments on time or at all. She isn’t lowering her credit score by just signing for you

probably, that is not elementary to declare for advantageous. you may attempt to get a private loan on your individual and in the event that they do no longer permit you, then have your mom and dad co-sign. in the event that they comprise you the 1st time in basic terms in case that is going to shop the difficulty of going returned later. in case you do want them to co-sign for you determine you preserve up on the money although. you do no longer prefer to break their credit too. stable success.

Her score goes down because her debt ratio gets higher.

You would have to refinance the auto loan in your name only if you want her score to go back to where it was.

Any late pays or defaults on this account will spill directly over to her account and will damage her credit rating too.

having your credit checked affects your score as well as if you were ever late at all it affects her. as guarantor, she takes the hit along w/ you.

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