Could you use an Lage Max-11Slowfire Upper Reciever on a Masterpiece semi-auto Mac-10 45APC Lower Reciever?

For anyone that knows more about MACs than me, would the lower receiver of a Masterpiece Mac-10 chambered in 45apc work with the full auto upper receiver of the Lage Slowfire MAX-11 upper receiver? If not, would anyone have any suggestions of where I could get a full auto lower receiver.

Just for the record,…

Most of the automatic parts are located in the lower, so adding a Lage to your gun wont turn it into an automatic. This will be illegal though, since you cant put auto parts in a semiauto gun, the BATF would consider it an auto whether it shot auto or not.

You cant put a regular M11 upper on a M10, but they do make uppers specifically for the M10 in 9mm. Stonycreek Armory makes units like this.

You cant legally turn the gun you have into a fully automatic. You will need a registered, fully transferable, pre 1986 machinegun lower. Expect to pay around $3,000 for one of these, plus the hassle of applying for a NFA weapon. The links will show you where to go and what the NFA firearm process is.

Check They may have something for you.

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