Christians: is the purpose of life to override the critical thinking skills god intelligently designed us with?

There is no empirical data to back up the existence of god, so has god put us here to test how able we are to override scientific thinking?

(This would be the same scientific thinking has consistently solved great problems in the past)

As a Christian, I think your question is excellent. It is one I struggle with all the time, and hope I always will because once I think I have THE answer, I will stop thinking, and that isn’t good.

But here is something to ponder.

Jesus misquoted the Old Testament. The OT says ‘Love the LORD your God with all your hear, with all your soul and with all your strength’ Jesus added ‘with all your mind’. Why did he add that?

Jesus hated a kind of brain dead faith that did what it had always done because we’ve always done it that way. We must use our brains to understand how to live a good life, we can’t do that with blind faith.

However true faith is hard, it is confusing, it is uncertain, it is open to doubt. True faith leads to humility and love, not arrogance.

I know that doesn’t really answer your question, but it is the best I can do.


I echo Kal’s response. It would appear that when you look out at the mountains and all that God has created and when I do so we see different things. Is this possible? Not only is it possible, but it is to be expected. Let me flip the question around a bit though. If there is no empirical data to back up the existence of God, why is it that every scientist or scientific writer who even mentions the possibility of Intelligent Design is abruptly removed from the “scientific community”? If this is scientific thinking, then perhaps we are better off thinking without them. Do you understand the difference between intelligence and common sense? If you were going to fill a position and had 2 applicants, would you choose the one who rated 90% in intelligence and 10% in common sense or applicant number 2 who was rated as 10% in intelligence and 90% in common sense? Little children know there is a God before anyone has to tell them, but adults want proof. Odd how that works isn’t it?

Nobody saw dinosaurs evolving into seagulls… The point there is that there is no empirical data for it…yet when presented with a plausible theory of how a dinosaur might evolve into a seagull, some atheists will accept it, then turn around and denounce anyone who does not accept it as the village idiot. You also forward a parenthetical reference extolling the benefits of scientific advancement, but will you likewise accept it when I tell you how beneficial following the teachings of Christ have been to me…or am I categorically denied credibility because I’ve already been lumped in with the cognitively-challenged? *edit* I’m very aware of the arguments for and against evolution. My concern is the way I’m treated just for having some honest questions/disagreements with evolutionary theory (accusations of an inability to exercise critical thinking skills, for example).

Let’s see. Science (at least Western science) is founded on the scientific method. This came about because of the belief that the world was ordered and created according to God’s will, and that we could learn more about him by studying his creation.

So what is the fact that the scientific method requires reproducible experiments to demonstrate the truth of a thesis? The fact that there IS empirical evidence is itself a demonstration of the order of the universe (not random occurrance) and is evidence of a Creator.

Check it out…Sir Isaac Newton, Galileo, Gregor Mendel were all leaders in mathematics, astronomy and genetics who had faith in the existence of a Creator and in the ordered universe that supports the scientific method.

The first commandment is to love God with all your heart, might mind and strength. Mind is a gift from God, and is 1/4th of our person; however, it is coupled with heart, which is the spirit or metaphysical side of our beings. The trick is to bring all these four aspects of the human personality into balance. There is a time to think; there is a time to have faith. It’s hard to know when for each, but is something we have to wrestle with and learn. Scientific thinking certainly has its place: I write this answer on a computer and send it out on a web that is almost pure science.

To close; let me paraphrase Darwin’s “bulldog”, Huxley, who made the statement that science will never prove hateful the admoniton of Micah, ” . . . and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God.” Science has solved great problems and will continue to do so; if we all followed Micah’s advice, more great problems would be solved.

Scientific thinking is not synonymous with critical thinking. In fact, trying to apply scientific thinking to problems/issues outside the domain of science is the opposite of critical thinking!

Science can and does answer a bunch of questions about the natural world…about the environment we live in and the way we interact with that environment. …but God isn’t part of the natural world…he occupies the supernatural realm. Trying to answer questions about him using the scientific method is an irrational application of a proven technique to a situation to which it doesn’t apply!

I would argue that the purpose of life is to learn to use the critical thinking skills that God gave us…and if you limit your quest for knowledge and understanding to the scientific method, then you’re sadly limiting your perspective!

Time, by its very nature, has to have had a beginning, otherwise, if time had and infinite past, we would not exist, because we could not get to this point in time from an infinite past. But if time had a beginning, what existed “before” time? What caused time to begin in the first place?

Life is a testing ground.
Those who believe without seeing will be blessed according to the Bible.
I have seen. I think my job is to be a witness. I am not very good at it.
Believing has nothing to do with thinking skills.

it is for fundamentalists. they are a scourge. don’t lump them in with christians. if you are going to be christian, the only worthwhile denomination that actually allows you to be a thinking human being is Catholicism. why?…
because their leader has common sense.

yes. evidently the stupider we become the more pleased god becomes

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