Are 15 year olds allowed to work ?

I would like to start working, but i am only 15 yrs. old. Am i allowed to work? If Yes where? Oh i live in escondido.(escondido is in the san diego area)

Yes but you have to get working papers and there are some restrictions on how much you can work. Get the papers from your school office or guidence counsler, they’ll have them for you.

Usually, you have to be 14 or 15 to work somewhere, but some places usually only allow 16 or 18 year olds to work somewhere.I live in Florida, so thats how they get employees/employers.

Yeah, you can work at 15. It really depends where you would apply though. An example is Pinkberry, they hire people that are 15, as long as they have a worker’s permit.

I guess it would depend on the state you live in, but in delaware I got hired at 14 and all I needed was working papers. so you should be able to work, but just get your working papers from your school.

p.s. you will only be able to work a limited amount of hours until you are 16.

Try the YMCA. You might need an adult with you but im 15 and my best fiends mom drops us off with their family pass and we use their pool. I don’t know about another type of pass. but it might be worth a shot especial if you think a parent or sibling would join you ever.

If you’re under 16 you need a work permit. One of your parents or guardian has to be with you when you apply. Usually it’s at your city hall.

yeah you can. you have to get a work permit though, you can usually get them from your school. but not all companies allow 15 year olds. but just look around. places like movie theaters, and kids places allow 15 year olds

You are allowed to work most places. Once you turn 14 you can get a workers permit. (you need this to work)

yes,it’s kinda of hard to find a job where I live until your 16…ya it stinks, b/c im only 14. Right now, maybe you can try baby sitting until your 16.
good luck!

Our grocery stores hires 14 year olds as baggers.

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