2 Cars choices. help me pick? acura or nissan?

I’ve been looking for a first car.
i’ve found a 1996 nissan 300zx convertible.(dad loves nissan)
also i found a 2001 acura integra gs-r
i’m into cars and want to put some aftermarket parts on whichever one i get.

both about the same price
on the nissan I’d put the following on:

Both are great cars all depends on the zx is it a turbo version then if it is then modifications will see cheaper power gains against the na engine which will be more expensive for more power gains.
The 300 is a great car and known the world over modification wise to this and the integra i would join forums which suit to that car and add the right mods and the right time as some mods over shadow other mods and create less power so get on them to find out the best parts to use and what not to use.
Myself for power i would go for the 300 rwd in winter iam driving my rwd this winter and have been driving for rwd cars for years and have slid about just as much as when i had driven fwd cars.Just take your time in the wrong conditions.

The JUN-BLITZ Bonneville Z32 holds the E/BMS class land speed record of 419.84 km/h (260.87 mph) set at the 1995 Bonneville Speed Trial. The vehicle was built as a partnership between JUN Auto and BLITZ. This record remains unbroken. In 1990 JUN’s first Z32 went 339.2 km/h at their Yatabe test course and hit 373 km/h after some tuning at Bonneville.

The Integra GS-R is as fast as a RSX, but slower than a RSX Type S.

The GS-R is more fun to drive, handles better, and lasts longer than the Nissan 300zx, but the 300zx would be faster if it is the turbo version.

The 300zx is also tough to drive fast. It is a heavy car and it is hard to balance on the track without sliding or crashing.

The Integra would be the better car.

You want to race a convertible?

Either way, buy a car with some muscle if you want to race. The stuff you see on the Fast and the Furious is fake, little 6 cylinders can’t actually do that stuff…

Racing on a track means you need acceleration, neither of your cars would be a decent pick for that.

You are better off getting a late 80s Firebird or Camaro and putting some work into the engine, rather than buying a mid 90s car and making it look pretty.

With all of the bolt-on-performance features you’ve listed.
neither one of you are going to be going very fast.

Besides the exhaust system, everything you’ve listed just
boosts the looks…( if that’s what your into ).

All dressed up with no place to go…

Anyhow, I think the Acura is your bettter choice…

Good Luck with whatever you choose..

get the gsr, but dont put so much money into looks. get an intake, header, exhaust and hondata and you should pull your buddy. Unless he’s getting a type-s, you’ll be beating him stock anyway. and instead of spending so much money on shocks, get coilovers. They’ll lower your car and ride good, plus they’re adjustable.

Thats a really hard question cuz both r good cars. I would probab go for the TL cuz its got better looks (atleast I think so), features and obviously a better reliability.

1996 nissan 300zx convertible

those cars form the same person or something?

the tornodo performance booster, doesnt do ****, so that doesnt matter
neither does the fuel boss

those both sound like ****
just puts a lot of stupid items in the car that dont do anything

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