Will the Marxist Democrat sponsored “Occupy” protesters show up in Charlotte for the rape and pillage fest DNC?

Only about 100 occupy protesters came to Tampa for the RNC convention and were kept from their usual activities of rape, assault,and robbery. How many will show up at the DNC convention in Charlotte to support the political establishment that created them

The OWS movement was not funded by Democrats. They publicly spoke out against Obama and had police officers ordered to beat them up.

I believe those “Occupy protestors” you are referring to at the RNC were Ron Paul supporters.

Should you happen to consider your self to be steady, then the fact that you characterized the Occupy motion with the aid of the worst occurrences of pastime at it implies that you just achieve this for the whole lot else, so lets see: – You don’t forget all Christians are horrible humans since they killed harmless people within the Salem witch trials – You think all Republicans are racist (in view that that a few of them are) – You don’t forget that americans all kill every extraordinary (considering a few of them do) you’re such an idiot, I hate you.

If you consider yourself to be consistent, then the fact that you characterized the Occupy movement by the worst occurrences of activity at it means that you do so for everything else, so lets see:

– You think all Christians are horrible people because they killed innocent people in the Salem witch trials
– You think all Republicans are racist (because some of them are)
– You think that Americans all kill each other (because some of them do)

You’re such an idiot, I hate you.

Spread the rumor that a hurricane is coming and bring in some of the cops from Tampa ……. there won’t be any trouble.

If you’re planning any rape or pillage be warned: the police will be on hand to stop you and your cronies.

Do you ever look at the stuff you come up with and just want to curl up with embarrassment?

You should.

I sure hope not. I like to see the American public to become more mature and trustworthy like you guys.

Why don’t you join them and show them the enlightened path.

Sure. Whatever floats your vote and makes you happy.

I have no idea what you Republicans are planning.

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