Why do white girls dislike black guys?

Every time i try talk to a white girl, they seem to just push me off just because i am black, they seem to steriotype me alot, this is also true for alot of my black friends, why does this happen

some white girls LOVE black guys. don’t get it twisted!!

you, yourself, are making a stereotype and a generalization. are you only trying to talk to white girls? maybe you have a complex about yourself, period!…. i notice your avatar is white………….hmmmmm

Your question is ignorant but unless you live under a rock I do not see how you believe all white girls dislike black guys.

Look around…even some of the most famous black guys are with white women.

It could be how your are approaching the person. I know I am not the only mixed person in the world.

I’m trying to figure out if your avatar looks like it does because you are light or because you don’t want to be judged for being black. The internet has many preconceptions such as, an assumed W.A.S.P. of all users. Sure, lots of people are open minded about meeting people of other races… but when you chat w/ someone, they are what you believe people to be on the internet until proven otherwise.
I tell you, if you want to meet a nice white woman, you’ll find one. If you’d like to meet someone who care about you and doesn’t just want you to piss off her parents.. I’m sure she’s out there too.
But #1… be proud of who you are. Don’t fake the funk so people will get to know you first… If they would have judged you by what you look like, you don’t want them anyways. They may look nice.. but it’s always stressful with the “I’ve never done this before and my parents won’t like it but you’re really nice so we’ll do it anyways”… I feel like such a racist, I swear that I’m open and come from a mulitracial background.. but not everyone does. It’s hard to remember that just because you don’t wake up and remind yourself that you’re black everyday doesnt mean that other people can’t tell that you are.

I’m a white girl & I love black men. What makes you think they push you off just because you are black? Maybe it has nothing to do with your skin color, but the way you approach them. Step your game up and stop assuming people are racist.

actually your sort of stereotyping white girls…all the time now a days you will see interacial couples, and the guy is black most of the time. if a girl that is white is pushing you away just because, ignore her because her as a person might just feel she is better than you.

i just want to know why is your avatar white??? you said you where a black male??? thats all i want to know…as for white girls dating black guys, thats every where. but not as much as black girls dating white men….nothing wrong with that. if that person makes you happy. go for it!!! nobody should be stereotyped because of the color of there skin. not all white girls are dumb and blond. just like all black girls are not loud and ghetto….check yourself first before you can approach somebody else

first off, how can you stereotype a whole race of girls?
Not all white girls are like that.
Everyone, from every race is different.
So dont accuse them of stereotyping you, because you are stereotyping them as well.
Whats “happening” to you is just your mere luck, your not talking to the right girls, and you should think about why else they might be pushing you off.

That’s strange. I’m white and I don’t have a problem with black guys. they’re cooler than nerdy white guys…
If these girls are young, maybe they have racist parents that affect them. Some dads would kill his daughter’s boyfriend if he was black (where i’m from.)

Why is your avatar white? and who said white girls don’t like black guys? Maybe it is the way you approach them. I don’t know any girl that wants to be approaced by an arrogant a**.

I have no idea. But I’m a white girl, and I like black guys. I’m really srry that they do that to you.

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