Why do public school say “EAT HEALTHY” when they have a crappy lunch?

And I know that some high schools you can buy better lunch at some vending machine
but i mean like cafeteria lunch
those lunches are not healthy but disgusting

hahaha so true
reason for it is that they want you to BE HEALTHY!
and come to school all the time and not be sickk

because most school lunches are government sponsored. The government buys all of the left over meat and dairy products that are not sold off and donate them to the school system. So the school systems get the lowest grade meat and dairy products. Meat and dairy is actually not good for you anyways.

Meat would be a LOT more expensive if the US government didn’t pay for a good portion of it before it went into the markets.

That is why produce is so damn expensive….the government does not help with this as much as the meat and dairy industry because they have investments in them.

So that is why we have such disgusting lunches in our school systems! BAG LUNCH please!

My high school when I was attending their had or still has a sandwich bar and a hot bar.

The sandwich bar consists of three meats, four veggies, 2 sauces and two breads. Students can pick one of each of the catogories. My high school was in New York City, one of the most crappiest schools in the world. Hey they live the belief of fresh food and healthy stuff.

The hot bar has daily picks of hot food with fruits, salad bar and a bread.

Amen to that. That is why, if I were still in school. I would bring go and buy me some Deli Turkey have them slice it real thin, and bring in my own lunch or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on 100% whole wheat bread. A couple bottle of filtered water, and some fruit. Happy Holidays.

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Anything that says “healthy” usually is crappy……..I guess schools just arent that creative when it comes to disguising healthy foods to be pleasing to the eye as well as the taste buds……….

it’s simple , healthy food would get stuck, cuz we all know that not many ppl eat them or even like them.
so junks are the best to be sold out.

i know they have all those posters saying “eat healthy” but there are no healthy options. They just want to please the school board. And besides they sell what most kids buy; JUNK!!!

because they are underfunded and the cafeterias are not managed properly, so they can’t afford to buy healthy options.

too many hypocrites in the school administration. its all about the money made from the machines. the kids are a captive audience, they have no choice.

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