When did using derogatory terms for gay people become “slurs”?

In the last year a few major news stories, especially, Tim Hardaway, and the guy from Gray’s Anatomy and now some columnist. When referencing the incident, the media notes it as “use of a gay slur”. When did the media start putting it in those terms?

What else would it be?

It became a slur when little Bobby and little Sarah came home crying because no one wanted to play with them and mama was not having it then dad got caught up and said there is nothing wrong with my boy so we changed the words to make it not offensive so we call them Gay a happy word homosexual is to strong of a word and don,t say ****** or bull dagger that is to much to take no matter how pretty the word they are still homosexuals and should not be tolerated

since there has been “hate legislation” being passed … some countries already have and theyre trying to get the same thought-crime type of legislation passed in the states making it an actual crime punishable by fine or if in conjunction with another crime … punishible by enhanced prison sentence, to slur certain races, religeons, or gays …

Well, it shows that gay activists are gaining ground. Of course, Ann coulter could never understand these things. She is a puss filled pimple on humanity’s ‘***.

It should have always been noted as a slur…..I don’t know the answer…..but its past time.

When they realized it was bigotry, pure and simple. It is the same as being racist or sexist.

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