What type of gas does a 2003 ford mustang gt take?

I just recently bought a 2003 ford mustang gt and the dealer said it took premium. However i read on the internet that it took regular unleaded. That would greatly help my wallet if it did. Anyone know? Thanks.

According to your owners manual 87 octane (regular unleaded) is recommended for a Mustang GT (unless it has been modified)

Here is the link to download (free, courtesy of Fords website) the entire manual. It is in pdf format so it is easily saved to your computer for future reference.
(see page 178 for fuel recommendation info.)

I hope this helps.

i don’t know what dealer you bought it from but tell him to stick to selling cars and leave the rest of it to ppl that knows what they are talking about, if you have the owners manual it will tell you to use reg. unleaded 87 octane your car will actually not run as well on higher octane . the brain box is set for the lower octane and you will burn up your o2 censers faster with higher octane

stock they only require 87 octane. I run 93 octane in mine, but I also have a supercharger. With that said, The Mach 1 and Cobra models do specify 91 octane or better, but the standard V6 and V8 GT models run fine on 87.


What the heck!

I have a motor with a similar engine, and it runs it socks off on any old fuel.

My boat runs on corn oil.

A Heli what I was wheeled around in once ran on parrafin.
It stank, but worked.


actually regular would work but, the premuim would work fine or even the 91octane would keep your car working fine for line an extra7 years your car parts and pistons will be better off with premum that is, best answer plz

you can use unleaded, it wont really hurt the car, but over a long period of time stuff will build up in the engine (everyone else uses regular) premium would be for a $100k + car, to keep it in prime condition. but i guess if you are crazy about your car than go for premium, my best friend has an 07 gt v8 standard transmission and he uses regular.

I have one ,and put reg in it cause the other is too much mo ney, no problem in 3 years so far.

if the prior owner used premium, use premium or you will have to flush the system to go back to regular. If you do go to regular you may hear a ‘ping’ sound when trying and may want to switch back to premium.

It only needs regular. Call a Ford dealer and ask to talk to service manager. they will tell you.


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