What subject (eg. literature, art) would each zodiac sign specialize in?

Explain your reasoning if possible. Also, two or more signs can specialize in the same subject if you think that they really do specialize in the same area. Thanks everyone.

Aries- Sport Science/ Self defense arts/ Dance
Taurus- Economics/ Living skills
Gemini- Mass Communication/Media
Cancer- Humanities, Etiquette, Culinary
Leo- Drama/Theater/ Counselling
Virgo- Accountancy/ Maths/ Medic
Libra- Art/ Literature/ Fashion design
Scorpio- Psychology, Psychiatry, Criminal Justice
Sagittarius- Languages/ Anthropology/ Social studies
Capricorn- Commerce/ Law
Aquarius- Mechatronics/ Metaphysical sciences/ Advanced Logic
Pisces- Poetry/ Music/ Art/ Languages

Aries – Bussnies
Tuaurus – Art
Gemini – Group Work
Cancer – Food and Studies
Leo – Sports
Virgo – Maths
Libra – Pscyology
Scorpio – Beauty Comestic
Saggitarus -Sport
Auqarius- Sport
Pisces -Poem

Pisces good at poem and creative
Cancer cooking /baking
Aries -Self Defence
Virgo – Maths
Libra – Laywer

others I dk

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