Want to move to mexico with my children to live for a couple of years? have you done or been thru this?

I have a 5 year old & 1 year old and neither of there fathers have been there, just long enough to see the positive pregnancy test. i have been in and out of the child support office giving them all of the fathers info but yet they cant find them, and they live here where i do. the fathers have been told through…

Your boyfriend can live and work in Mexico since he is a citizen. If your grandparents are citizens, then your parents must be too…which means you can get citizenship. You need to talk to the nearest Mexican consulate. if you go to Mexico as an American citizen, you must have an FM3 visa to live thee…and that requires proof that you have a minimum of $1500 a month income for yourself and $500 more for each child. You cannot work in Mexico without a work permit..nearly impossible to get unless you are a very valuable professional. If you are married to a Mexican citizen, the income requirement is reduced. Each child also needs an FM3 visa ( but no income requirement.) Alternatively, people who do not have the income to qualify for an FM3 often go to Mexico for 6 months on a tourist card…then have to return to the border and re-enter with a new 180 day tourist visa….kids too. If you could establish your Mexican citizenship, it would be much better. You will have to have court-ordered sole legal and physical custody to take the children out of the country. Need to go to a family matters lawyer. Or, you will need letters of permission from the kids fathers. Mexico requires this. See site below. Need to realize unemployment is high in Mexico and wages are far lower than in the U.S. See 2nd site for list of Mexican consulates and last site for visa info ( very confusing site…need to talk to consulate.)

Best way is Boyfriend adopts kids on a mexican consulate, that clears the way for the boys, Second get married and third live happy!

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