Survey: What do you think is the most annoying American Slang that you’ve ever heard of……?

all of them…and i’m an American!

I don’t understand a lot of American slang.

I watched The Wire and when the street gangs were on I hadn’t a clue what they were saying.

Since I can not say it, all you will get is a hint. It looks very similar to the German word for “fox”. It is used quite a bit in the cinemas.

u knowhat i’m sayin?
the entire population is talking like the grew up in the poorest ghetto in the poorest town. I’m not able to tell if they r speaking english sometimes

anything ending in “izzle” and “ezzy”, that is the dumbest/most annoying American slang EVER.

are these hatin’ words Yo? you may never find another american e-husband with that attitude

at least films from our country don’t sometimes require English subtitles (for people speaking English)

j/k I still love you

With so much to choose from,where do I start? lol…
The hood rat ghetto slang is very annoying to me, it’s like what are they saying? lol

The whole ‘White people who think they is blood from the ghetto’ culture,that has taken a firm hold over here.

You guys, I hate being referred to as a guy. I’m a ladieeeeeeeeee

Trunk for boot and fannies for backside.

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