Reasons why the Chicago Cubs suck so much?

Can someone please give me some articles for the Cubs sucking so much or anything… Reasons y too.

The reason the Cubs suck is not because of a curse…..curses do not exsist. They’re just excuses that fanbases of losing teams make to explain why their teams don’t play very well.

The reason the Cubs lose so much is because of three factors. Their owners, (Tribune Co./WGN.) Their fanbase, and Wrigley Field.

The Tribune Co. didn’t care if the Cubs won or lost. They milked them for coverage in their newspapers and television station.

Why did this happen? Well fans fell for all of the coverage. The “lovable loser mystique” was created by all of this media attention. Wrigley Field was also painted as some sort of paradise by the Tribune and WGN. (even though it was a dump.)

The fans started flocking to the place as a result of this. WGN became a superstation and out of town fans began flocking there as well because people outside of Chicago began to notice them.

That’s how Wrigley Field was part of the problem. You had alot of casual and out of town fans flocking there and filling up the place even though they knew next to nothing about the Cubs or baseball for that matter. They were just there because of the party atmosphere and Wrigley Field was the place to be. (which was painted by Tribune Co. and WGN.)

Cubs ownership saw this and didn’t have any incentive or motive to put a winning product on the field because fans were coming out to Wrigley Field regardless. After all, they were just casual fans and they didn’t care about winning and losing.

Cubs ownership only recently started spending money on Cubs payroll because the team is for sale. A winning team is more attractive and more expensive for a new owner. Ownership is making it look like they want to win but, they’re only trying to line their own pockets again.

First of all, the Cubs don’t suck. Look at their winning percent for the history of the franchise and they are one of the better teams. I’ve been a Cubs fan all my life. I didn’t believe in the curse either until we were 5 outs from the World Series. Enter ….. Steve Bartman

Because, they forget how to play baseball in October. Especially from their “key” players. Dumpster walking the whole game away. Zambrainless getting TANKED, and Harden didn’t have his “A” game, the Cubs loved so much. Soriano with great October adding to the Cubs beautiful run in NLDS.

Zambrano and Harden burned out towards the end of the year a little bit which didn’t help them.

And look who they played. Manny pretty much destroyed them single-handedly.

Soriano went 1-14… which is basically why the Yankees were willing to dump him to begin with.. because he’s awful in the post-season. But moreso, Aramis Ramirez, Geovanny Soto and Jim Edmonds all went cold too.

The main thing though, is that Manny batted .500 for the series. When he hits like that, his team is VERY hard to beat.

The Cubs had a great team, but no competition during the season. They went to sleep and the Dodgers had a cake walk to the NLCS, only to get crushed by the World F’ing Champion PHILLIES!!!!!

The main reason is, i think, they worry as much about the drought as their fans do. Make it 200 years, sucks to be a cubs fan!!!!

The Cubs had a good season record this year, they just failed again to go to the world series, they were competitive this year, were contenders, but luck and destiny swallowed this team in the post season again.

Curses exist if you believe they do. But the reason they suck is this:

They are the Cubs.

When the team has someone bless their dugout before a series then the media talks about the ‘curse’ the players start to think about it and hear about it after a loss.

Pretty sure they DON’T suck. Look at their record: 97, 64–best record in NL. They just played bad in the post season…again.

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