My Facebook account got disabled? Can I get it back?

Is my facebook account disabled forever and all the data is gone? Or is it just temporarily disabled?

The facebook admin disabled it. I was just sending an e-mail message to a friend of mine when they did that to me.

Oh heyy, that same thing happened to me last night! I send 3 emails to the following:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
plus, i found their number on google and left a voicemail. my frnds are saying to wait for a few days or 1 or 2 weeks… usually they should enable it back. If you get it enabled, please let me know!! Thanks =] and good luck..

Disabled Facebook

I restarted my cell to factory settings I have my facebook friend on just can get on there account and read timeline or view pic now what do I do

That happened to me once, but I just could not send any personal messages for a while. It sent me a message that said I ‘overused’ it or something. I emailed them and they said my account shouldn’t be deactivated. It depends on what I did wrong or whatever…so hopefully it won’t deactivate your account!

i am disable on facebook. i want re active my face book account.

mine got disabled and they wont answer any of my emails or help page it was from a guy who doenst know me and had no reason to do it , what can I do I work from fb and loosing my job

Do not know why I got disabled , I just changed my internet provider, let me know what I did wrong. Do not wait to long to tell me as I am 82. Please send me a email ([email protected]) and let me know. Thank you

Please help me get back on facebook I think it was because of to many accounts

For the best answers, search on this site

Its either someone reported you or something is wrong with your internet, try again later!

It takes eleven seconds for the YAnswers question to display for me to be able to click on the [add your answer] button. is my computer slow??

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