Lying mother-in-law! What do you do?

My mother-in-law constantly lies. She tells me things and then lies to my husband about what she said. How do you handle this situation?

First, be adamant that your husband supports YOU and stands behind YOU.

Then quietly and discreetly start to document each instance of the lying and the circumstances around it, including what evidence that you have (witnesses etc) that it is a lie. Make sure you document dates, times, places, people, events. If the lying continues and it is causing problems in your marriage or relationships, present this to your husband and demand his support. If he will not stand behind you seek counselling, with or without him.

You might also want to try to figure out what her motives are behind the lies. Does she need to be the centre of attention? Is she jealous of you? Is she just mean-spirited? Can you find any good qualities about her that you can relate to or respect in some way? Can you try to focus on these?

Spiritually, try praying for her and sending love, light and blessings to her in silent prayer, when you’re alone. Try to focus on something about her that you can admire and in this way, elevate your feelings up a notch or two about the situation. It can’t hurt…

that depends on the relationship with the husband and mother in law…if your husband would take her side if you tried to tell him, try to record a few lies to show him…it’s touchy ground your on there…how much longer can the old goat possibly live?

Some people can’t survive without telling 10 lies a day. You’ll just have to find a way to ignore her because she is not going to change.

Buy a voice activated mini-recorder. Next time you talk to your M.I.L. you will have PROOF for your husband. THEN slap her and call her a liar in front of your husband. Then, after you get out of jail, refuse to be around her. DO NOT let your husband be a Moma’s boy on this one!

Your husband probably already knows that she’s lying. So you might have to take it with a grain of salt or just try to ignore her. Unless your husband is a momma’s boy, then you have a problem, because he’ll certainly believe everything she tells him.

Tough one. I’m thinking your mother in law is looking for a friend in you that she can tell things in confidence. Maybe you should tell her that you and her son tell each other EVERYTHING, to let her know not to tell you something that she doesn’t want him to know about. It might work. Good luck. Ron

You mean other than tape her mouth shut??? Have you talked to your husband about the situation? Maybe just ignore her when she is talking to you.

Good question. Your husband should handle it.

slap her in the face, and call her liar in front of your husband

One more good use for a Nanny Cam. 🙂

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