Is it hypocritical that gays are upset with Miss North Carolina for her remarks about gay marriage?

When asked by judge Perez Hilton, an openly gay gossip blogger, whether she believed in gay marriage, Miss California, Carrie Prejean, said “We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite. And you know what, I think in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage…

She said, “thats just how I was raised.”

How is that a justification for her viewpoint, or anyones for that matter.

What If I was racist and somone asked me why I belive its ok for me to be? Can I just say “thats how I was raised”

Or if I am sexist and always belittle women? Can I just say “thats how I was raised”

I have heard people say “thats just what I was raised to believe” as a defense/justification for their stance on gay marriage. How does that make it ok? You dont think for yourself?

When you get older you reevaluate old ideas you were taught and choose to continue believing them based on their own merit or you realize they are incorrect and you let them go. Give me a real reason for why gay marriage shouldnt be legal or GTFO.

The problem here is not that she personally finds gay marriage immoral and disgusting. She, like everyone else, is entitled to her opinion. But thats all it is. Its her opinion. And opinions should not be made into law.

If she had said she is personally against it then no harm no foul. She may have lost some popularity points with some people and gained some with others.

But thats not what she said. She said that gay marriage should not be legal and thats a completely different cup of tea.

Just like you can be racist or sexist if you want. Thats your opinion. But when you start asking for laws that take rights away from either group, thats when you are being truly unamerican.

Whatever happen to the gold old line “I may not agree with what you say but i will defend to the death your right to say it”

We used to be the land of tolerance. Even when we didnt agree with what was being said or done as long as it didnt interfere with the rights of another person or group.

You can think that gay marriage is immoral all you want and I can think your a bigot. And thats all fine and good.

But gay marriage is a civil rights issue and it is not ok to be against legalizing it.

EDIT: You have a right to do w/e you want as long as it doesn’t interfere with or take away the rights of any other person or group. Killing takes away someone right to live.

Gay marriage doesnt take away any rights from anyone. At most you could argue that letting gays marry cheapens the institution for people. But then racists could argue that letting minorities purchase homes in their neighborhoods cheapens their neighborhoods. You see what I mean?

For it to be OK to keep gay marriage illegal there would have to be some sort of justification for keeping it that way. Right now the only arguments are religious and since we have a separation of church and state it is unconstitutional to deny it.

EDIT: I definitely understand that for the status quo to change it will take a lot more than that. But when I said “For it to be OK to keep gay marriage illegal there would have to be some sort of justification for keeping it that way” I was referring to how things should be, not how things are. I was presenting my argument for why I think gay marriage should be legal based on the established values of our country. I understand we have majority rule and most people are against gay marriage. But we also protect the rights of minorities from the will of the majority, and thats what Civil Rights is all about. This is exactly what the issue of gay marriage is. There is no justification for not legalizing it that fits into our long established system of values as a country (individual and religious beliefs might differ, but we as a country to not legislate religious beliefs, at least we claim not to.

…and I wouldnt say we are losing ….. each year gay rights seem to be getting better and better….. it may be a “two steps forward, one step back” sort of fight, but I think we are making much progress.

EDIT: Agreed. Gay Pride parades are counterproductive … at least their image is. As a gay man myself, I am disgusted with what I have seen. The one thing to keep in mind though, for every “freak” in the parade there are about 10 normal people wearing flannel. The news networks just focus on the crazy ones because its all about ratings for them. Its not the media’s fault though. Those do people need to realize that they are not helping things any.

“overcoming circumstances vs. self control”
If you recall back to the Reagan era, the major criticism of homosexuals was their “promiscuous lifestyles” where they “had sex with multiple partners.” The concern there (among others) was the spread of HIV/AIDS. Gay marriage is a solution to the “self control” / sex issue. It limits the sex to two people.

also, a little known fact. A large minority of homosexual relationships do not involve sex. There are plenty of homosexual relationships in which the two people just kiss, hug, and cuddle (maybe some oral sex is involved on occasion but every couple, gay or straight, is allowed to be a little deviant). So lumping the gay marriage issue in as a sex (self control) issue is incorrect.

She can feel however she wants, it IS America after all. However, a more diplomatic and appropriate answer would have been to actually address the question. He didn’t ask her how she defined marriage. He asked her if other States should do what Vermont did and legalize same-sex marriage. Being that she is clearly against gay marriage, she should have said, “I believe it is an issue best left up to each state to decide for itself. Every State has the right to make its own laws, and if citizens of a particular State wish to have same-sex marriage made available there, then they should elect people who will enact a law permitting such a practice.” I’m not sure Miss California would have been able to pronounce all of the words I just wrote, though.

1st off, it was Ms California. Second off, she’s entitled to her opinions/views on gay marriage. I would have liked her to expand a bit more on her answer, such as even if this is what she believes that marriage is, that she does/does not support gays getting federal benefits for their unions that have been recognized/sanctioned by the state. And if she is going to have an opinion, don’t try to soften the blow by saying “no offense to anyone”, like that’s going to make it all better.

That, in my opinion, is hypocritical & patronizing.

Third, my opinion is it doesn’t matter what this girl feels about ssm. She isn’t living my life, & since her religious beliefs on a CIVIL issue is currently affecting my life & the lives of other LGBTs in CA, you bet you a s s I have an issue with that. It’s called separation of church & state for a reason. And if the federal government wants to pick & choose the state recognized unions (be they marriage, civil unions OR domestic partnerships) that get federal benefits of marriage, then they are being DISCRIMINATORY.

Marriage is a STATE issue. Until the STATE gets out of the semantical mess of issuing MARRIAGE licenses to both CIVIL & RELIGIOUS performed ceremonies, I will continue to fight for the rights of marriage for me & my wife AND the rest of the LGBT community.

Ms CA obviously didn’t realize that her image of marriage is denying another group from the federal benefits of marriage,. Unless she wanted the LGBT community to marry our opposite sex friends & REALLY destroy the sanctity of marriage by being in a SHAM marriage just for benefits. Domestic partnerships ARE NOT the same as marriage nor provide the same benefits as marriage, even in the great state of CA AND federally.

Can YOU justify why my marriage (recognized by the state) doesn’t entitle me & my wife to getour $3000 joint refund from the IRS, or my wife to be added as my dependant for veterans benefits after I seved this country for 12yrs in the Army & served in both OEF & OIF, yet my other friends who are MARRIED (recognized by the state) can get thses benefits that we are denied.

One more thing:
This child talked about how she has a gay family member who disagrees with her views, but supports her opinion on gay marriage. By outing her lesbian sister as a lesbian gay rights advocate, she could also have jeopardized her sister’s career.

Ms CA’s sister is a 2nd Lieutenant on active duty in the US Air Force. As a military veteran, Ms CA’s statements alone can be grounds for her sister’s dismissal from the US Air Force under DADT (because if you’re found out to be gay in the military, you are GONE.) So, by showing that “she’s not a homophobe b/c she has a gay in her family”, she just screwed her sister over.

Yep. What a model for Ms USA. She wasnt fit to hold the title. No offense.

She wasn’t judged poorly because of the content of her answer. At least she attempted to stand up for what she believed in, even if I don’t agree with it. She was judged poorly because her answer was inarticulate and ignorant. In her country, people DON’T have the right to choose between same sex marriage and “opposite marriage.” Under no circumstances is gay marriage recognized by the federal government.

EDIT: That may be what you took her statement to mean, but it’s not what she said. There wasn’t even implication otherwise. And I doubt Miss CA would know a clever innuendo if it sat on her face. She said that in her country people have the right to CHOOSE between same sex marriage and “opposite” marriage. Not whether or not to legalize it. What she said was patently untrue and in the biggest beauty pagent faux pas of all, she didn’t even manage to LOOK articulate while screwing up.

The quote of “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” normaly (and incorrectly) atributed to Voltaire could fit to this.

Then again I live in a country where ‘gay marriage’ is legal. Ok It’s called a ‘civil partnership’ so it didn’t upset the religous mob but as far as the law in the UK goes they are the same thing. – had mine almost a year ago.

Her opinion doesn’t matter. Those out dated beauty contests no longer matter. Americana’s don’t care about that kind of stuff anymore. It is no longer a big TV network event and it was losing so much money Atlantic City replaced it with a Gynecological convention . . .so what she thinks is a big fat yawn.

So she doesn’t like gay marriage. She is free to marry a man in that case.

While she very definitely did not voice approval of gay marriage, she didn’t outright say gay marriage should be banned either.

Whether she is Miss Carolina or Miss California her answer wasn’t rude or offensive and she is entitled to her view.

Put her on the Republican ticket for 2012!!!

Why the hell are coming in here causing trouble in my section?

You misspelled “amendments.”

EDIT: In your face:…

I’m gay, and I’m not offended. Just don’t stereotype me, and I have no problems with your personal beliefs.

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