Is 0bama and his White House showing their South Chicago community organizer style?

From the inner circle of the 0bama White House (0bama, Axelrod, Emanuel, Gibbs):

“Right wing extremist”
“The Mob”
“Angry Mobs”
“Desperate republicans”
“Manufactured anger”
“Brooks Brothers brigade”

Is this appropriate…

i’m disappointed in chicago-on-the-potomac tactics.

obama is just trying to start a civil war amongst americans, plain and simple.
His mentor is Soul Solinsky, marxist, in sou’s book he states the only way to “steal” a government and ALL industry’s power is to get the people to fight each other, in the background the government can then reach into every industry and take complete control.

its a well known fact that the medical industry is the worlds 3rd largest industry with the same in profit.
This is why obama wants o control it. he wants the government to “make” the profit, NOT the individual.
he seems to forget, its “individuals” that use their resources to come up with new ideas, new drugs, treatments and do on. he will quash any and all research for anything new.
the government knows if anyone is healthy, then there goes the profit margin.
this s all just part of obamas take over of america.

i do no longer comprehend why the two our infantile, immature and unpresidential prez, to boot as Seth theory that bullying Trump exchange into the element to do. They picked on him like it exchange into some style of vendetta or vengeance element. Very pathetic. A jab or 2, nice, yet to bypass on and on and on advert nauseam wasn’t humorous and it made me experience sorry for Trump.

They’re trying to marginalize the opposition by coming up with those ridiculous labels. It is shameful and unbecoming of people holding government office, who are supposed to represent the whole nation, not just their supporters, to use such tactics.

Fabricated propaganda that shoots straight to the White house.. and
Maybe a poor speech writer? whose doing THAT JOB??

And liberals say us Republicans are a bunch of violent loving bullies

Every Democrat from around the country is thinking that.

The truth hurts. But you right-wingers have a choice. You can continue to be greedy, evil killers, or you can join the left-wing.

Yes. The brownshirts are coming.

Yes, to your second Q. My opinion is that it is both appropriate and extremely accurate.

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