How will the republicans react if Hillary wins the election?

I keep hearing people (particulaly republicans) say Hillary is unelectable and may get the nomination but will lose in the general election. Now I am sure she will get the nomination and will win the election. In fact, I am anticipating the day that they say Hillary has won the elction and is the US’s first…

I am a repblican i am voting for hillary obama is the worst canidate for presidency

because of the fact the media promotes hillary. The properly paid media gadget. it incredibly is not easily by using her credentials, besides the reality that she claims that she has 35yrs of journey. Which all of us comprehend is Bull$hit. If she meddle in the ongoings of Governor clinton or President clinton mutually as no longer being an elected respectable, she then has commited a criminal offense. Now, if she claims she has the journey because of the fact she became there, it incredibly is comparable to having a nurse carry out substantial surgical treatment on you, I incredibly doubt all of us might have the nurse carry out surgical treatment on them. She is a blatant liar, purely like her husband, the only element those 2 care approximately is their want for skill.

So she’s a mid-pack candidate. If she happens to win I will be shocked, but most of all I will be disappointed in my fellow Americans for not doing a little reading to find out what this woman is really like. The world will continue to turn and things won’t change much, but I doubt she would make 2 terms should she get elected.

I will support her as the President of my country and Commander in Chief of our military. Same as I did with Bill. And even that sorry azz Jimmy Carter. How will you react if a conservative Republican becomes president? Don’t lie now. Tell the truth. Going to France again?

Honestly, I highly doubt that Hillary is going to be President. No, she isn’t “just as” electable as any of the other candidates.
She brings up tears and wins over the people with those tears. The others use their KNOWLEDGE and experience and their beliefs, not emotions.
Many Americans know that too.

The GOP will react by throwing 8 years of fits, try to impeach her 2000 times, and totally shut down the gov’t. Just look at what they did to Congress over the 1st woman speaker—the absolute record for the most filibusters in the history of the nation! They will ensure that nothing can be done at the federal level.

We will just complain about her all the time. Call her stupid, claim she stole the election with hackers. Than we would impeach her for her role in whitewater. Blame every problem in our lives on her.

Actually she is the preferred Democratic candidate should the republicans lose the election.

She is kinda of like Bush lite.

LOL… we’ll react the same way the Dems reacted when GW got re-elected…

Disbelief; that there are that many stupid people in the US…

Trepidation of where this great nation would be headed in four years…

Elation that we can blame everything from the obscene gas prices to ground water contamination on her….

Horror that she will do her best to destroy the foundations that this country were built upon..

Humor… as her attempts at socialization get thwarted every time she tries it…..

Did I miss anything?

Ive heard some hard core republicans say that they would move to Canada and crap like that. They needs to grab ahold of reality. Anyone is better than our current president.

Cmon Luke…we all know the answer to this.

The NeoCon idiots will first claim that Hillary’s win was a victory for cowards and anti-American turds.

Then they will simply move on to 2010 and bash Hillary (like they said we shouldn’t do to Bush) constantly.

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